Hot New Summer Wallpaper Trends

The world of interior design is just as fast paced as fashion when it comes to trends. Pick up an interior design magazine this month and you’ll see that they’re already talking about what the trends will be for the Summer wallpaper. Below we share our inside tips about what’s going to be hot for your walls this Summer.

Floral Print Wall Paper

Flowers are a big part of the Summer landscape, so it shouldn’t come as a surprise to see them being one of the wallpaper trends for this Summer. Flowers have been in trend before but this Summer it’s all about large, eye-catching prints inspired by tropical islands. Hawaiian prints are going to be huge, with big floral elements and a few bright green hints of foliage. When it comes to hanging the wallpaper, we’d recommend doing it on at least two walls. Ideally one should be the wall facing the window and one adjacent to it. Do this for the boutique look of the season.

Wallpaper Colours

To achieve the Summer 2013 in-trend wallpaper look think the brighter, the better. The biggest colour of the season is bright fuchsia pink however make sure the shade of pink you get really is fuchsia not a more muted coral or rose pink as these will give your room a dated 80s look. Also in-trend are bright yellow and intense orange, as well as purple. Avoid blues, soft browns and grey – it’s all about bright, bright, bright this Summer.

Photographic Printed Wallpaper

Floral print wallpaper won’t work everywhere – imagine it in a bachelor pad? No us neither. But there’s another strong trend this season – photographic wallpaper. Often featuring classic photographic of iconic locations like New York, London and Las Vegas. Many of these wallcovering designs focus on movement – blurred New York taxi cabs or time lapse photos of the Vegas strip. When choosing these designs the best colours to look for are black and white designs with splashes of bright, bold colour. Yellow New York taxi cabs or postbox red London buses.

Whichever style you go for, you’ll end up with an eye catching look for sure.

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The Many Advantages of Lining Paper

As with many things, preparation is key when it comes to DIY – and especially when it comes to wallpapering. There’s nothing more irritating that having hung perfectly lined up wallpaper only to see bumps, bubbles or pits appear because on uneven plastering. Below we take a look at lining paper and how it can help you achieve better results when you wallpaper your home.

What is lining paper?

Think of lining paper as wallpaper that’s specifically designed to be applied to bare walls to prepare them for wallpapering. It is made from strong fibres so it’s typically more robust that outward facing wallpaper. This means it forms a flat layer over any imperfections in the wall. If you like to feel like you’re doing your bit for the environment, you can get lining paper that’s made from eco friendly fibres. These are typically the heaviest lining paper grades.

Advantages of using lining paper

Whatever type of lining paper you buy, there are always advantages over not using any at all. The primary reason people buy lining paper is to smooth the walls of the room you are redecorating. The lining paper will disguise small bumps, pits or cracks – the more imperfections there are, the thicker lining paper you should use. Another big advantage  is that it stops the wallpaper from shrinking. This is a common problem when wallpaper is applied directly to walls. It will expand as moisture is added to it in the form of wallpaper paste, then shrink again as it dries. This will lead to gaps between the wallpaper. Lining paper will hold the wallpaper in place at its expanded size. Thirdly, lining paper will stop hung wallpaper from peeling back. This is more common when cheaper wallpaper and adhesives have been used. These are the main points, but there are other added benefits to using lining paper such as added insulation.

So now you know how many advantages there are to using lining paper, you’ve got no excuse not to use it next time you redecorate!

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All you need to know about Decorators Tape

Redecorating can be tricky. A high degree of accuracy is needed to make sure you end up with the right look. Wallpapering is a good example. Hang the first drop of wallpaper slightly skewwhiff and all the rest will be off as well. Accuracy is really important when painting too. You have got to make sure you don’t get any on surfaces that you aren’t painting, and that the edges are sharp. The easy answer to this is to use decorators tape.

Types of Decorators Tape

There are a few different varieties used, but the most common is masking tape. It’s usually a neutral coloured tape made of easy to tear paper so that there’s no need to use scissors to cut it. It’s generally available in standard and low tack varieties. They are made to peel off surfaces without leaving a residue behind, making it the ideal thing to use for wallpapering and painting.

How to Use Masking Tape for Decorating

It may sound like something that needs no explanation, but there are actually a wide range of uses for decorators tape. Here are a few of them:

  • Mark out straight lines with it when applying wallpaper – First use a spirit level to determine a straight line, then mark it out with masking tape. This allows you to ensure your first drop of wallpaper goes on perfectly straight. You can leave the masking tape on the wall underneath the wallpaper, or remove it if you like.
  • Line out panels – Masking tape can mark out panels on walls for painting or wallpapering. This is really helpful when creating feature areas on walls, which are very fashionable currently.
  • Protecting cornices and skirting boards – You can mask of the edges of cornices or skirting boards to make sure they don’t get paint or wallpaper paste on them.
  • Holding dust sheets in place – Masking tape can be stuck to the edges of dust sheets to make sure they don’t move during redecorating. There’s nothing more annoying than taking the precautions to stop mess getting onto your furniture, only for it to happen anyway because a dust sheet didn’t stay in place. 

Masking tape and other types of decorator’s tape have these and other uses, and are a must have item for professional and novice decorators alike.

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A Guide To Essential Home Decorating Tools

There’s one major reason some people are put off by DIY – Fear of something going wrong, that the result won’t be as good as a professional job, or just the fear that comes with trying something new. So we’ll let you into a secret, decorating is just common sense and if you read all the instructions on each product, and make sure you use the right decorating tools, there’s no reason why you won’t be able to do as good a job as anyone else. Take a look at the essential decorating tools you need when redecorating your home.

Dust Sheets – It doesn’t matter whether you’re going to be plastering, wallpapering or painting, you are going to need a dust sheet. Usually these are fabric or plastic sheets that are designed to cover up furniture, carpets or anything else that you want to stay clean while you are decorating. You will be able to buy them individually and in packs, One helpful tip is to secure them in place with masking tape.

Paste Tray – If you’re planning to re-wallpaper a room, one of the wallpapering tools you definitely need is a paste tray. Often they’re made of plastic and are long and wide enough to spread a layer of paste in that you can then apply to walls or wallpaper.

Sharp Knife – Another really essential wallpaper tool to have is a sharp knife. The best kind to use is a retractable knife that you can keep in your pocket or tool belt. They’re needed to make sure you get a clean cut when scoring off excess paper when the roll is laid.

Brushes & Rollers – When you’re wallpapering or painting, you need a brush or a roller. Pasting brushes are designed to help you get an even layer of paste onto the wallpaper or wall. Soft wallpaper brushes are perfect for ensuring there’s no trapped air left to cause bubbles in wallpaper. Painting brushes are available in a range of bristle thicknesses and materials to make sure you get a clear, even layer of paint whether you’re applying an undercoat, gloss or matte paint.

Scorers & Scrapers – Zinsser tools are designed to make a whole range of decorating tasks easier. Specialist wallpaper removing tools like scorers and scrapers help you remove old layers of wallpaper to give you a smooth wall to start decorating onto. They also offer an specialist concrete wallpaper stripper to make that difficult job easier.

Whatever DIY job you are undertaking, buy the right tools and you can banish your DIY fears.

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Reasons to go with Wallrock Wallpaper from Erfurt Mav

Today there is a wide range of brands, styles and specialist features to consider when choosing a wallpaper. This is very different to how it was in the past when wallpaper was only available in shades of off-white, could be difficult to hang and was often not all that long lasting. But current brand leaders like Erfurt Mav have developed longer lasting wallpapers for all sorts of purposes. Their Wallrock wallpaper range is what we will look at today.

Erfurt Mav Wallrock Lining Papers – In addition to Erfurt Wallrock wallpaper, you can also get Wallrock lining paper. There are a number of liners of different thicknesses contained in their Premium range, all designed to smooth over irregularities in walls. There are also specialized thermal liners that don’t just smooth walls, they also prevent heat escaping through the wall. Wallrock sell standard thermal lining paper and a thicker KV600 thermal liner. Both of them will help you save money on your energy bits if you apply them to the walls in your home. They also have the added benefit of being damp and mould resistant. There is a third thermal liner on offer from Wallrock, R300 Liner. This also provides sound insulation, preventing sound from travelling into or out of a room.

Other specialist lining papers from Wallrock include Fibreliner and Fibreliner Plus, which are designed to smooth over plastering imperfections to prepare walls for painting or wallpapering.

Erfurt Mav Wall Coverings – A range of Erfurt wallpaper and other wall coverings are also available. If you want a textured wallpaper effect that can stand up to heavy traffic then take a look at the Wallrock Texture range. Perfect for hallways, landings and kitchens. Designs range from randomized patterns to more traditional embossed designs. For a more lightly textured look, see the Wallrock Trend range. Both of these Erfurt Mav wallpaper ranges will allow paint to take to them easily so you can create your personalized finished look.

Whichever Erfurt Mav wall covering you opt for, you can be assured it will be high quality, easy to apply to your walls, and will stay there.

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Turn the volume down by soundproofing walls

We love them but kids can certainly be noisy. First it’s crying babys, then toddlers with their tantrums, as they grow there’ll be the sound of them and their school friends, and don’t expect it to get any quieter when they reach teenage years. Then you’ll have to grapple with loud music, slammed doors and maybe even a band rehearsal. If you have, or are thinking about having, children then it might also be time to think about soundproofing your home.

What is sound proofing?

Soundproofing is about stopping sound escaping the room it’s coming from, and also about bouncing it back in a way that creates better acoustics. In the past, soundproofing has been a very expensive process, but now thanks to new specialist wall coverings you can soundproof your home yourself at a fraction of the cost.

How it works – When you think of soundproofing, you probably think of filling hollow walls. But when we talk about soundproofing walls what we have in mind is very similar to wallpapering them. For instance Sound Proof Insulation Liner from Saarpoor is designed specially for sound proofing your home. It comes in rolls just like wallpaper and is just 6mm thick but gives as much sound insulation as 10cm of concrete. It works simply by being made with a sound absorbing foam that’s laminated with thick lining paper.

Where can it be used? What’s great about soundproof wall paper is that you can use it on any wall in your home. So no more noise from the tots in the nursery or bother from the teens bedroom with their loud music.

There are all sorts of uses from sound insulating wall papers – it can even be used on ceilings. So get some today for more of the quiet life!

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Overcome your wall nightmares with lining paper

If you’re decorating your home for the first time, it can be a scary proposition, especially if it involves stripping wallpaper. It has gone in and out of fashion over the years, but it’s often been used to cover over all sorts of imperfections on walls. So when you take it off and see the true condition of you wall it can be a shock. In newer homes you’ll be likely to see smooth plasters, but into older ones it’s not always the case. Let’s look at how some common wall problems can be sorted out with lining paper.

Uneven Walls – This is a common problem especially in older homes. The initial plastering process may have left bubbles or pitting, or deterioration of the plaster over the years may have led to other imperfections. Uneven walls can make wallpapering or painting difficult. Using lining paper can help solve the problem. The alternative, which is much more expensive, is replastering. If that’s not desirable then using a relatively heavyweight liner such as Anaglypta’s 1000 grade lining paper you should be able to create a smooth surface that’s ready to be painted or wallpapered over.

Cracked Walls – When you strip wallpaper, it sometimes reveals cracks in the plaster beneath. There are two reasons this happens – first is the plaster having dried too quickly when it was initially applied. The second is due to the constant, imperceptible movements in the earth beneath your feet. It’s nothing to worry about, but it can make painting or wallpapering difficult. Use a liner such as Erfurt May’s 1000 lining paper which is strong enough not to tear due to minute house movements and will also create a smooth later to apply paint or wallpaper to.

Marked Walls – Sometimes wallpaper has been used to cover over paint or stains. If it’s be done the disguise the latter, you may already have a clue as stains can show through wallpaper or even leach into them. Heavy staining should always be covered with a sealer first to stop it leaching, but Erfurt Mav’s lining paper 1000 grade will cover over marks, old paint jobs or light stains no problem. It’s also easy to hang and pretty durable.

So make sure to prepare yourself by purchasing some lining paper before you next start redecorating.

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Get the Debona Wallpaper look this Summer

Just like in the world of fashion, new trends emerge with each new season in interior design. The height of fashion right now will be old hat come next season. This can make redecorating your home seem like a catch-22 situation. You want it to look more fashionable than it does now, but you don’t want to redecorate only for it to become out of fashion by the next season. We think we’ve found the solution in Debona Wallpaper. Their stylish and, importantly, timeless designs will look great in your room this Summer and for many to come.

Stripes – Stripes are perhaps the best example of a look that rarely, if ever, goes out of fashion. Although different colours will go in and out of fashion, the concept of stripes is timeless. Play it safe by choosing core colours that are seen in most seasonal trends. One such example from the collection of Debona wallpaper designs is the pink, lime and silver stripes. Pink in this shade is a classic, timeless colour while grey/silver is multi seasonal, great for all year round. And lime green is the perfect accent colour for the coming season, yet it’s subtle enough to not look out of place in coming seasons. Stripes can work in any room in a house, and are especially popular in the living room, bedroom or study.

Damask Prints – In you fancy something a little more detailed than stripes, then Damask patterns are another timeless, classic design. They can work across all seasons and are great for creating a bold focal wall in a room. Again, think carefully about what colours to use if you want to create a really timeless look. One of the Debona patterns we recommend uses black, white and grey. The elegance of damask prints makes them ideal for living rooms, dining rooms and master bedrooms.

Retro Designs – It may sound counter-intuitive, but using a design from a bygone era can be a great way to create a stylish, timeless look in your home. The key here is to avoid going for the look from the era your house was built. So if you have a modern home that’s less than 10 years old, it could look wonderful with Debona’s Art Deco range or brown and beige 70s inspired designs. Generally, the bigger designs are the longest lasting so we’d recommend plumping for big bold patterns.

To see the full range of timeless looks available from Debona, check out their full wallpaper range

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Muriva Wallpaper For The Female Touch

When redecorating a bedroom, it can be difficult to know where to start. You could go for a glamorous, girly, fun room, something elegant and timeless, or any number of other styles. Below we look at three options for creating an on trend, great looking bedroom using Muriva Wallpaper designs.

Timeless Elegance With Floral Prints

The wide range of floral prints available from Muriva have helped make it famous for elegance. There are many different patterns and shades within the range that are great for creating a tranquil, feminine bedroom. Smaller prints and pastel shades can give your room a country cottage feel, while larger, more colourful prints will create a more modern feel. For a small bedroom, apply Muriva patterns to one feature wall and paint the other walls in colours that match the shades in the wallpaper. This will stop the wallpaper from feeling overpowering. The furniture that to use are traditional, and made from pale wood like pine and birch. Match the soft furnishings like curtains and bedding to one or two shades from the wallpaper to complete the wood.

A Touch of Fun

Your bedroom is a great space in your house to have a bit of fun with. You can opt for a design that doesn’t necessarily fit with the rest of your home, or be a bit braver and show your quirky style. Muriva wallpaper have a lot of different designs that can help you add a real stamp of personality to your room. There are travel wallpaper designs based on iconic locations like London, New York and Las Vegas, or retro vehicle designs like Classic Mini and VW Camper. Use these designs across the whole wall for a modern feel, with accessories in matching shades.

Girly Glamour

As we touched on in the previous section, the bedroom is a great place to really go for it design wise with no need for the caution shown in the more public rooms in your house. Another option to give it a dose of girly glamour. The shimmering Dazzle range is the part of Muriva’s wallpaper collection best suited to creating this look. It’s available in a range of colours from eye-catching silver and pink to more subtle grey. You can use a Dazzle design in the whole room, or on one feature wall more a less in-your-face look. Accessorize with crystal lamps, mirrors and other sparkling objects for a completely glamorous look.

To create these three lovely looks, and many others, check out the Muriva wallpaper range.

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