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Saarpor Lining Paper – The Five Liners

A lot has changed in the world of home decorating since people used to line their walls with newspaper to soak up the damp and provide an extra layer of insulation. Since then, things have progressed rapidly in the field of insulating wallpaper and lining papers. One company leading the way in the innovation and design of insulating wallpaper is Saarpor. We’ll take a look at their range of five liners below.

Graphite Insulating Lining Paper

Saarpor’s most well known lining paper is Saarpor Graphite Insulating Lining Paper. Saarpor graphite utilizes the natural reflectivity of graphite to bounce heat back into your room. Saarpor Graphite Insulating Lining Paper is made from polystyrene that has been infused with graphite particles then laminated onto high quality lining paper. Its insulating effects are equivalent to 26cm of concrete.The savings on your energy costs are twofold as it not only reflects the heat already in the room, it also prevents heat escaping.

Heat Saving Insulation Polystyrene

Saarpor’s Heat Saving Insulation Polystyrene is designed to keep your home warm. It’s made from 2mm of polystyrene, which not only prevents heat loss but also insulates about noise by reflecting soundwaves. The thickness of the insulation also means that the paper will cover over minor cracks and plastering imperfections.

Sound Proof Insulating Liner

For homes that require more thorough sound protection Saarpor have developed Sound Proof Insulating Liner. It’s made from a 6mm thick combination of sound absorbing foam laminated to heavy lining paper.

The foam will absorb as much sound as 10cm of concrete.

The end result is a product that will block out everything from noisy neighbours, to screaming kids, to loud music.

Red Label Insulating Lining Paper

Saarpor’s Red Label Insulating Lining Paper is a moderate insulating lining paper made from 4mm of polystyrene and a high quality lining paper. It’s halfway between the lighter 2mm Insulating Polystyrene and the heavier Graphite Insulating Lining Paper.

Red Label Insulating Lining Paper has a double benefit when it comes to heating your home – It not only enables you to heat a room more quickly, it also traps heat in the room for longer.

It also has the added benefit of providing protection from mould and condensation so is the ideal product for homes in areas prone to dampness.

Latex Sound Proof Wall Liner

Latex Sound Proof Wall Liner’s made from 5mm thick latex foam – a modern and innovative material that provides impressive sound insulation, especially compare to thicker products.

That concludes our look at Saarpor Lining Paper – an impressive range with something to suit all types of home and budget.

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Decorating ideas for boys Wallpaper and Bedroom

Popular decoration themes for young boys rooms are things like Thomas the Tank Engine, Disney’s Cars or space themed boys wallpaper. But when they become a teenager, they are likely to run a mile from these designs. Below we take a look at three different wallpaper options more suited to teenage boys’ bedrooms.

Wall Murals

Although wall murals have generally been aimed at younger children with Disney characters and generic childhood imagery, brand like Walltastic now offer wall murals aimed at older children and teenagers, so there’s options when it comes to choosing a boy’s wall mural for a teenager’s bedroom. You can choose from comic book themes , films such as Star Wars or a world map. Murals generally come in panels so they are easy to hang and remove.

Wallpaper Designs

Boy’s wallpaper designs are a great alternative to wall murals. There is a current trend for British/Union Jack themed designs – bold red, white and blue stripes work really well. This can work all around the room or just as a feature wall. A third option is to contrast two different British wallpaper designs. Another design that is popular for teenage boy’s rooms are street art brick and graffiti designs. These are great for bringing a hit of vibrant colour to the room.

Paint Effects

If you feel like getting a bit creative, then there’s no need to limit yourself only to wallpaper designs or wall murals. You can use paint to create a lot of different effects. As I mentioned before, stripes are very popular and are totally flexible in terms of colour, so you can tailor the look to suit your son’s tastes. You can mix wide and narrow stripes to create a more relaxed look. Another option is to go for contrasting woodwork. When dong this it’s best to keep the walls a neutral colour and highlight the woodwork with a brighter colour. If you don’t have woodwork, a wallpaper border is another way to liven up plain walls.

And if one of those doesn’t please them, then you might have a proper Kevin on your hands.

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Take another look at Wallrock Textured Wallpaper

In the 1980s textured wallpapers, especially woodchip, were in vogue. But since then they have come to be seen not only as outdated, but also fiendishly difficult to remove. This has meant people have tended to avoid textured wallpapers like Anaglypta in recent years. But all that is now changing.

Due to leading brands such as Wallrock developing new kinds of textured wallpaper that are not only stylish on the wall, but also cover and hide plastering imperfections, textured wallpapers have begun to make a comeback. In this post, we look at some of the most popular choices in the Wallrock Texture range.


Wallrock Texture – Kelsey Wallpaper is a vintage design styled to look like a rustic plaster finish. Think of it as like Artex but with the mess. It’s great for covering wall cracks and pits in a traditional or period styled home.


Hackthorn has a more modern look – a design of uniformly placed, raised dots that create a stunning depth of texture whilst remaining subtle and understated to look at. This particular Wallrock textured wallpaper is ideal for using in a modern styled home to create a contemporary look.


We would describe Gainsborough as an elegant wallpaper. Its tulip inspired design will bring an air of class to whatever room it’s used in – preferably one where you really want to put your style credentials on the wall (pun intended). Like all Wallrock textured wallpapers, it’s designed to be paintable so you can add some colour to create either a vibrant or a softer, neutral look.

If you like the sound of these three designs, then take a look at the rest of the Wallrock Texture collection. You’ll be able to find the right choice for your home, whatever room or style you’re interested in.  

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Find something different with Muriva Wallpaper

Muriva offer a range of stylish and eye catching wallpaper designs that can add style to any home. Their range is constantly evolving in line with the current trends and seasons so they have wallpapers for all purposes and rooms. This season they have an especially great range of designs and we’ve picked out three of the best Muriva wallpaper designs to look at in more detail.

Big Apple Wallpaper

Nowhere in the world has a more recognizable look and feel than New York City. This design takes its cue from the city affectionately known as The Big Apple and aims to capture its spirit with iconic images like the Brooklyn Bridge, the Wall Street sign and the Statue of Liberty. The classic black and white photography is given a splash of colour with the bright yellow of New York taxi cabs. It will look excellent on a feature wall in a dining or living room.

London Wallpaper

In a similar vein is the Muriva London Wallpaper.  It’s full of landmarks from The Big Smoke including Big Ben, London Bridge and the Gherkin. This time a splash of red is added to the classic black and white colour scheme with the iconic red phone boxes and double decker buses.

Campervan Wallpaper

The Murvia Campervan Wallpaper is an illustrative design featuring the images of 50s VW campervans and scooters. Great for anyone who loves that retro style and wants a fun home that reflects their personality. With a cream background and the contrasting brightly coloured vehicles, this design will bright liveliness to a room without being too overpowering. Brilliant for anyone wanting to create a surf rock feel.

Be sure to check out the rest of the Muriva range if you’re wanting to redecorate your home in an unconventional and out of the ordinary style.

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