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Saarpor Latex Sound Proof Wall Liner

Saarpor Latex Sound Proof Wall Liner is an effective noise insulation product in our range of domestic soundproofing products and well worth taking a closer look at. Made from technologically advanced latex foam, laminated to a non-woven polyester fabric, Saarpor Latex Sound Proof Wall Liner is just 5mm thick, and offers excellent sound insulation when compared to many of the thicker and more expensive products on the market.

Saarpor Latex Sound Proof Wall Liner deadens sound, particularly those noises in the lower frequency ranges, and helps you create a tranquil, peaceful space that is shielded from irritating sound pollution such as noisy neighbours, busy main roads and the blare of aircraft overhead.

It is particularly effective when used as a barrier to prevent sounds entering your home or office, for example from noisy neighbours or traffic noise. If in contrast you want to stop sound escaping from a particularly noisy area (such as a teenagers bedroom) and polluting other spaces, we recommend using our Sound Proof Insulating Liner instead.

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Zinsser Cover Stain Oil Based Primer

Zinsser Cover Stain Oil Based Primer is a highly effective oil based sealant and stain blocking primer that is suitable for both interior and exterior applications. It has been specially developed to offer a high performance yet low cost solution for priming, covering and sealing a variety of stains including water stains, graffiti, nicotine stains, exterior mildew stains and rust stains.

Zinsser Cover Stain Oil Based Primer can be applied internally to walls, ceilings, furniture, skirtings, doors, frames and other paintable surfaces and it’s safe for use on a wide range of materials including plasterboard, wood, metal and concrete, and no pre-sanding is required.

Zinsser Cover Stain’s exterior applications include priming and stain sealing for soffits, walls, trims and doors. It’s particularly effective on mildew stains, resinous or new timber (that’s to be painted) and rust stained external surfaces.

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Coral Paperwiz Wallpaper Tool (aka Zinsser Walwiz)

The Coral Paperwiz (Same as Zinsser Walwiz 3 in 1 Tool) Wallpaper Tool has been specially designed to revolutionise the way you apply wallpaper and lining papers to your walls. This clever tool is multi-functional offering three functions in one convenient tool. Firstly, it helps to smooth the wallpaper removing air bubbles and reducing imperfections during wallpaper application. Secondly, the Coral Paperwiz helps to effortlessly seal and set wallpaper seams for a smoother, more professional finish. Finally it glides across the paper and can be used as a straight edge for trimming.

The Coral Paperwiz Wallpaper Tool is easy to use and highly durable as it is cut resistant, making those home decorating jobs as easy as possible. Suitable for applying wallpaper, borders, vinyl decals and a variety of other self-adhesive sheets, it will make a welcome addition to your DIY arsenal.

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Saarpor Heatsaver Insulation Polystyrene 2mm

Our 2mm Saarpor Heatsaver Insulation Polystyrene, is an economical way to provide a basic layer of insulation for walls and ceilings. It will help keep your home warm and also reduce sound transference between walls. Another advantage of using Polystyrene Insulation is that it covers minor cracks and wall imperfections.

Because it is a Paste the Wall product, hanging Insulation Polystyrene is a simple process. Simply apply Wallrock Power Adhesive to the wall with a brush or roller and offer up the Polystyrene. Once on the wall allow to dry naturally and then hang 1700 lining paper over the top for a completely smooth surface.

If you need more than just a basic insulation solution, take a look at Wallrock Thermal Liner which the most effective insulating lining paper on the market.

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Saarpor Sound Proof Insulating Liner

At an incredible 6mm thick, our NEW Saarpor Sound Proof Insulating Liner provides a simple DIY solution for homes and businesses that suffer from the inconvenience of sound pollution.

Made from a specially developed sound absorbing foam and laminated with a thick lining paper, Mav Sound Insulation Liner delivers as much sound insulation as 10 cm of concrete. This allows it to provide an effective barrier to the nuisance noises that come through your walls and ceilings. In addition, our Sound Insulation Liner is a lot cheaper than other sound proofing solutions and is a product that novice decorators can use.

Simple Sound Solutions for your home – View and Buy @ GoWallpaper

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Saarpor Graphite Insulating Lining paper

Saarpor Graphite Insulating Lining paper is a brand new product that utilises the natural reflectivity of graphite to deliver an effective energy saving, thermal insulating and sound insulating wallcovering.

Made from a 4mm thick layer of BASF expandable polystyrene, infused with graphite particles and laminated to a high quality non-woven lining paper, Graphite Insulating Lining Paper delivers 20% better insulation performance than standard insulating lining paper. This is equivalent to having an extra 26cm of concrete on your walls over and above an insulating lining paper.

The special graphite particles act like thousands of mirrors reflecting thermal radiation back into the room and thus reducing heat loss and energy bills. Graphite Insulating Lining Paper is a Paste the Wall only product which makes it easy to hang and alongside it’s thermal properties, it is also very effective for covering damaged walls and plaster.

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Zinsser Perma White Anti Mould Paint Interior Eggshell

When you need an anti mildew and anti mould paint that does what it says on the tin, Zinsser Perma White Anti Mould Paint Interior Eggshell really is the go to product. Used in hospitals, factories and swimming pools for its proven anti mould properties, Perma White Interior Paint is just as beneficial in home environments where unhealthy mould and mildew are a problem.

Unlike many other anti mould paints, Zinsser Perma White doesn’t simply cover up the problem, it actually prevents further mildew and mould growth for a minimum of 5 years – guaranteed.

Made from low odour and highly durable latex acrylic resins, Zinsser Perma White can be scrubbed and washed so that it always stays bright and fresh. In fact it’s so tough it also comes with a lifetime durability guarantee. Perma White is moisture and stain resistant and there is no need to pre-sand sound surfaces – just apply directly from the tin. Use on nearly any surface including walls, ceilings, tiles, gloss paint, plasterboard and even cement.

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How to use dust sheets like a decorating pro!

One of the main reasons for turning people off from embarking on some DIY,  is the mess it causes. There’s always the danger of paint dripping on to carpets or skirting boards, or for splattering to get on to furniture, paintings or ornaments. If you’re wallpapering, you can end up with sticky wallpaper adhesive on your curtains or sofa, whilst a spot sanding can have you finding dust on window sills and other surfaces for weeks afterwards. So all of this can be avoided if you use decorator’s dust sheets. Lets have a look at what different types of dust sheet are available and what the best ways to use them are.

Plastic or cotton?

Decorating Dust sheets have been around for a long time, with people commonly using old bed sheets of pieces of fabric. We don’t all have old linen to hand, so most DIY suppliers also sell specifically made dust sheets.

Not all purpose made dust sheets are made from fabric. The dust sheets found in DIY stores are more often made from a thin plastic such as polythene – like the plastic that carrier bags are made out of. These have the advantage over fabric of being completely resistant to moisture, as well as dust. It’s also a very light weight material so polythene dust sheets are easy to manoeuvre and fold or roll up. They can be used again after a shake or dust down. The only problem with this kind of dust sheet is that it can tear easily.

You will still be able to find cotton dust sheets in the shops. They’re thicker than polythene ones so you will get more thorough protection from dust, but they are not waterproof. Cotton dust sheets will usually be more expensive than polythene ones and they’re also heavier and more difficult to move around. However, they can still be rolled or folded pretty easily. The big benefit of using cotton dust sheets is that they can be re-used more often, just needing a shake or a wash.

Using dust sheets the correct way

There are a wide range of uses for dust sheets. They can cover floors, doors, door frames, furniture or whatever else you want to protect from getting messy. Here are our tips for using them like a pro:

  • Stick masking tape along the edges to secure the dust sheet in place when it’s covering the floor. This means you can walk on it without pulling it away from the edges of the rooms, and stops dust from getting underneath.
  • If you’re using one to cover a piece of furniture, tack the dust sheet in place, and if you need to use more than one dustsheet for a big piece of furniture, make sure the dustsheets overlap so there are no gaps for grime to get in.
  • When you’re packing away dust sheets the way to make sure all the dust ends up outside and not on the floor is to gently untape it and then fold into the centre of the sheet. Once you’ve done this pick up the corners and carry it outside and shake it out. 

If you use dust sheets and follow those tips, then you can make sure your DIY causes the smallest amount of mess possible.

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How to Hang Wallrock Thermal liner and Wallrock KV600 Lining paper

If you are applying over plaster bare lightly sand then PVA bond 2 times to seal the wall

If you are applying over painted plaster light sand then PVA bond to seal the wall

You can apply over a paper product e.g. lining paper, woodchip embossed papers. Do not apply over vinyl, blown vinyl wallpaper as this will reduce the breathability of the thermal liner. Again lightly sand then PVA bond the wallpaper.

Once this is done let the PVA dry for a minimum 24 hours at normal room temperature no heating windows open if possible.

Mark the wall away from the corner approx. 70cm (thermal Liner) 95cm (KV600) and draw a plumb line (straight) to start from.

Once this is done open the thermal liner adhesive and stir (if in a bag empty into the tub first)

Cut lengths before starting

Apply a good amount of adhesive working away from the corner to the wall enough to hang 1 strip at a time thermal liner (apply approx.. 1 m wide) (KV600 1.3m Wide) this is so there is enough to cover the edges at both sides using a medium pile roller and a brush for the top , bottom and corners.

Repeat the above until you get into the opposite corner, cut and trim into the corner do not go around internal corners as they are not usually straight.

Once you have done this finish the wall on the opposite side going into the corner when you started from but did not do.

Repeat the above for the other walls.

Once this is done let dry for 24 hours at normal room temperature no heating windows open if possible.

Once dry you may need to lightly fill the joints with flexible filler but before doing this you must paint the joints with the paint you intend to use, DO NOT apply the filler directly on to the surface of the paper then when you come to sand down if will damage the surface of the wallrock thermal liner. If painted first then when you sand down you will be sanding onto a painted surface

If wallpapering on top then if the gaps are very small the wallrock power adhesive will fill them if you need to fill there is no need to paint the paper first as you will be covering it with the wallrock Fibreliner, Premium, Fibreliner plus, Armadillo, Wallrock Texture or Wallrock Trend.

Tips to hanging

  1. Applying around external corners is ok but you will end up with a rounded corner
  2. If you want a straight corner you must use the wallrock Fibreliner, Premium, Fibreliner plus, Armadillo, Wallrock Texture or Wallrock Trend to hide the cut as you will see the furry backing of the wallrock Thermal Liner .
  3. Again as above if you do around windows but if you go around you might need to pin the thermal liner in place to stop it springing back just until it is dry.
  4. Light switches and plugs – just screw away and tuck behind (you may need to buy longer screws to secure back) when tightening be careful not to over tighten as this will push into the wallrock thermal liner surface.

Download Wallrock KV600 Thermal Liner Hanging Instructions & Wallrock Thermal Liner Hanging Instructions Here.

You can Buy Wallrock KV600 Thermal Liner Here

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800 Grade Lining Paper Hanging Instructions


The ideal surface for application of wall coverings is one that is ‘slightly absorbent’ and not glossy. This allows the adhesive to form a good bond with the surface.

Remove any loose or flaking paint, clean walls and allow to dry. We recommend that ALL surfaces are lightly sanded and ‘Sized’ with a PVA or Flake Adhesive. New plaster should also be ‘Sized’.

800 Lining Paper has two surfaces finishes. We recommend the outer surface of the roll offers an improved finish for paint or decorating wallpaper. Please ensure that all lengths are pasted on the same side.


  1.  Mark a straight line on the wall using a plumb line or similar (please note that lining paper should ideally be applied at 90º to the final wall covering if it is to be used as a base for decorative wallpaper).
  2.  Measure and cut lengths of 800 grade lining paper allowing extra for trimming at either end. Apply the adhesive evenly ensuring the edges are covered.
  3. Fold lengths but Do Not crease and leave each length to soak for the same period of time until pliable; usually 7-10 minutes.
  4. Apply the first length of 800 grade lining paper to the guideline, smooth down with a brush or wallpaper smoother. Remove any adhesive from the face of the paper using a sponge and clean water. Do not overlap; use butt joints for all subsequent lengths.
  5. Cut off any excess 800 grade lining paper at the ceiling, floors and corners using a Ofla heavy duty snap knife. Alternatively carefully mark the paper surface using a pencil and trim with scissors.
  6. Allow 24 hours for drying; longer if conditions are especially humid or cold. We also recommend that 800 grade lining paper is allowed to dry naturally and therefore that the heating is turned off whilst the paper dries out. However; if temperatures are likely to drop below 10˚c/50˚F it is advisable that low level heating is  used to ensure the adhesive can cure effectively.
  7. Before painting or overhanging with paper, it may be necessary to fill and sand any small gaps using flexible non shrinking filler.
  8. Once dry, apply the final wall covering or paint with a good quality emulsion paint.


For perfect results we recommend you use a good quality ready mixed adhesive such as ‘Easy Paste’, or any good quality ‘All Purpose’ wallpaper paste in doubt test hang a piece or consult your supplier.

Download 800 Lining Paper Hanging Instructions Here

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