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All About 800 Grade Lining Paper

We strongly recommend that everyone use lining paper before hanging wallpaper to get a smooth, professional looking finish. There are range of grades or thicknesses available from different brands. Today, we’re going to look at 800 Grade lining Paper what it does, how to hang it and how to choose what brand to buy.

What 800 Grade Lining Paper Does

Lining Paper 800 Grade is one of the thinnest kinds of lining paper on the market. It’s intended to prepare your walls before you hang wallpaper, so the finish will be smooth. You can use it to cover over minor imperfections in the wall such as hairline cracks, pits or bubbles. It can be used on smooth walls as well, to make it easier to hang wallpaper.

Quality v Price

There are many different versions of 800 lining paper on the market, and they vary greatly in terms of quality. Although all 800 grade lining papers should be the same thickness, they will not be the same quality. We would recommend going for the highest priced (and quality) liner you can afford in your budget. Going for cheaper liners might end up costing you in the long run as cheaper lining paper is more likely to tear or crease while hanging.

What You Need To Hang 800 Wallpaper

When you buy lining paper, you should also purchase adhesive, a sharp knife or wallpaper scissors and a wallpaper brush. The type of adhesive you need will be stated on the label of the lining paper so always check. It should also say whether it’s best to paste the wall or the lining paper. The knife or scissors are for trimming the paper to size and the brush for getting rid of air bubbles from the paper.

So now you know about 800 grade lining paper, consider using it next time you redecorate.

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Reasons to use lining paper

If you haven’t done much DIY, or wallpapering, before, you might think that all you need to do it are some rolls of wallpaper and wallpaper adhesive. And you might be right, but getting the sort of finish you’re after will be very hard if you do it like this. The key to getting a really good result is preparing. Lining paper is one thing you don’t want to skimp on if you want to get perfect wallpaper, and here are the reasons why:

Smooth walls

When you strip back wallpaper, you will find that walls are often not perfect. They’ll often contain cracks, pits, dumps, bubbles and a whole host of other imperfections. If you apply wallpaper directly to walls containing imperfections, it will ruin the end result. So the primary reason for using lining paper, such as Wallrock Fibreliner Plus, is to smooth over any wall imperfections and create a flat surface to apply wallpaper to.

Avoid shrinkage

A lot of wallpapers, particularly towards the cheaper end of the spectrum, are woven. When wallpaper adhesive is applied to woven wallpaper, it will expand slightly. As you apply wallpaper to the wall, and put up the next piece, while it is damp, you can end up with gaps between the drops of wallpaper when it dries. This obviously results in a rough, uneven finish. Using lining paper will help the wallpaper dry more quickly and also hold the wallpaper in place at its expanded size.

Reduce staining

Wallpaper can get stained if substances in the wall leach into the wallpaper, or if moisture from the paste causes colours to bleed together.  Again, lining paper can stop this by adding a barrier between wall and wallpaper, reducing the drying time when you first paste the wallpaper.

Provide Durability

If you are wallpapering all bare plaster or painted wall, directly applying the wallpaper will often end up with the wallpaper peeling off the wall, leading to the need to re-hang the paper over and over. If you use lining paper it will keep the wallpaper in place for longer. Lining paper that comes in a longer, wider role, like Wallrock Fibreliner Plus 100, is perfect for this kind of job.

So, we hope you can now see that adding some lining paper to your shopping list when you’re next planning to redecorate is a wise decision.

A Greap Supplier of Lining Paper

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Five reasons to go with Wallrock Fibreliner

It’s not always easy to know what tools to choose for DIY. In the store there might be an array of similar products that are difficult to distinguish between. When it comes to lining paper, we think there’s a clear choice. So below we share the five main advantages of using Wallrock Fibreliner.

1. Made by a market leading home décor company

The first advantage of Wallrock Fibreliner is that it’s produced by Erfurt Mav, a leading home décor company who are known for developing innovative products aimed at both novice and professional decorators. They invest a significant amount of money in R&D to solve problems that people face when redecorating. Their Wallrock brand of lining paper.

2. Heavy duty

Stripping back wallpaper to find perfectly smooth walls is the stuff of fantasy but, unfortunately, rarely the reality. All walls have imperfections, which is why Wallrock Fibreliner 100 and other lining papers available from Wallrock are designed to be heavy duty enough to cover any cracks, dents or bubbles. The fibre lining paper range from Wallrock also reduces the ability of condensation to develop into mould, and is scuff and tear resistant so will last for a long time.

3. No expanding or shrinking on the wall

While other lining papers might grow and shrink during application, Wallrock Fibreliner has been designed so that it doesn’t expand when paste is applied to it, it holds its position so you can get a perfect finish.

4. Choice

Unlike other brands of lining paper, the Wallrock Fibreliner range is available in two sizes – single and double length – as well as in three widths. So you will always be able to find the option that suits your needs.

5. Convenience

All you need to hang Wallrock Fibreliner to the wall is adhesive, so there’s no need to buy any additional tools or products. You can paste the fibre liner paper or at walls, whichever is most convenient.

With these, and other, advantages, Wallrock Fibreliner is the right choice when it comes to lining paper. 

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1400 Grade Lining Paper Explained

There are many different types of wallpapers and lining papers on the market and unless you’re a professional decorator, you might not understand the differences between them. Many of you might be reading this and asking what is lining paper and why is it required anyway? In this guide, we look specifically at 1400 grade lining paper and tell you how best to use it.

Types of lining paper

Before looking in more details at 1400 grade lining paper, it’s probably best to look at lining paper in general. Lining paper is a pre-wallpaper wall covering that’s designed to smooth over walls to prepare them for painting or wallpapering over. There are a range of specialist types of lining paper available. The most well known are thermal lining paper, which helps insulate your home against heat loss, and soundproof liner, which blocks out external noise. But there are also differences in more general liners.

The lining paper grading system

Lining papers are available in a range of different thicknesses. The thickness is explained in the numerical grade of the paper – 800 grade is very thin, while 1400 grade lining paper is very thick and suited to more heavy duty needs.

When to use 1400 lining paper

Superthick lining paper 1400 grade is great for using in your home to cover over plastering imperfections like pits and cracks. If you wallpaper over a wall with imperfections like these without using lining paper first, they will show up under the wallpaper. With 1400 grade lining paper, they should be totally disguised. 1400 grade lining paper can also be used to smooth out walls before painting. For instance, if bubbles have formed in the plaster whilst it was drying. The third use for 1400 lining paper is to cover up marks and stains on the wall. Water leaks, nicotine, smoke damage stains can all show through wallpaper or paint if not covered over first. Thick lining paper will prevent this happening.

So, now you know what 1400 grade lining paper is and where best to use it in your home.

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