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Fine Decor Distinctive Birch Tree Wallpaper – Charcoal Grey

The Fine Decor Distinctive Birch Tree Wallpaper in Charcoal Grey has been specially designed to make a bold style statement. This stunning wallpaper has been inspired by the natural beauty of birch tree bark yet comes in a modern charcoal grey colour scheme for a fashionable look.

Use the Fine Decor Distinctive Birch Tree Wallpaper in Charcoal Grey throughout a room for a dramatic look or just on one wall for a more subtle look. Team with accenting painted woodwork and coordinating cushions for a great look in the living room.

Natural Beauty – View and Buy @ GoWallpaper

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Brick Wallpaper – The Latest Trend for Urban Homes

When it comes to making a bold style statement in your home, there are a number of ways to do it. For this season, there is an unexpected trend entering the interior design world. Blurring the boundaries between indoor and outdoor living and inspired by urban streets, the trend is for homes to be adorned with brick wallpaper. Here we look at where the trend originated, exactly what it is and how you can achieve the look in your own home.

What is brick wallpaper?
Brick wallpaper might sound like an unknown concept but it is actually exactly what you think it is – wallpaper that has been printed to look like bricks. The designs vary between the different designers who are offering this wallpaper. The most traditional looking design features rustic red bricks whilst other variations include grey brick wallpaper and slate effect wallpaper like Fine Decor Slate Wallpaper.

Where did the trend originate?
The trend for brick effect wallpaper isn’t a completely new look. Brick wallpaper was a concept that originally came from the US in the late 1980s. It was a period of rebellion, people going against trends and striving to create modern, contemporary spaces that showed that individuality. Brick walls were pioneered by loft owners in New York who wanted to make bold statements that were still in keeping with their urban, inner-city environment. They decided to turn their backs on what they considered to be boring wallpaper and paint effect and leave their brick walls natural for all to see. For those who didn’t happen to have exposed brick walls in their home, they opted to recreate the look with brick effect wallpaper. The trend has only recently re-emerged as people again try to embrace city living within their own homes.

How can I achieve the look in my home?
The look is really easy to achieve in your home. Brick effect wallpaper is available from a number of wallpaper manufacturers including designs such as Muriva Loft Brick Wallpaper and Fine Décor Rustic Brick. The trick is to choose just one wall and use the brick effect wallpaper to create a feature wall. The easiest way to do this is to choose a wall that is already used to frame something – the wall the TV or fireplace is mounted on in the living room, the wall the headboard is on in the bedroom or the wall behind the cooker in a kitchen. Simply apply the wallpaper using the correct wallpaper adhesive and you will immediately have an outdoor brick effect inside your home.

To really bring the look to life, team with urban accessories. Think wrought iron or stainless steel to continue the outdoor theme whilst offering durability in your home. Bold, bright pops of colour in accessories are great for bringing the room together whilst graffiti art coordinates perfectly with the urban living theme.

So now that you know all about the latest trend for brick inspired wallpaper and how to achieve the look in your own home, what are you waiting for? Start creating your urban living space today.

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Fine Décor – Teens can express themselves

Fine Décor – one of the leading wallpaper manufacturers around. They specialise in unconventional styles that will wow guests to your home. They make wallpapers that don’t just look good, but tell a story of how you live your life. It’s commitment like this that led to them being named winners of the 2007 Home Décor Retailer Association’s ‘Best New Product’ award.  They’re particularly strong when it comes to products for teenage bedrooms.

Give your room an urban touch

Teenagers do all sorts of things to cultivate a personal identity – taking up new hobbies and looks. Redecorating their room is a big part of this. They want something edgy and cool that separates them from their parents and is popular with their friends. We’re finding that the Fine Décor Rustic Brick Wallpaper is really popular with teenage boys. It’s an authentic looking rustic brick print design and is great as a feature wall for creating a post-industrial, urban feel in a bedroom. It comes in a wide range of colour options.

Make all the girls go crazy – (Product Discontinued)

There’s been no more popular pin up in girls’ rooms recently than Harry Styles of One Direction. With Fine Décor’s official One Direction wallpaper, you can have Harry and his band mates adorning the walls of your daughter’s bedroom. Along with the pictures and signatures of all the members, the design features bright splashes of colour. However the white background means it’s subdued enough to cover all the walls in a room.

Go for something wild – (Product Discontinued)

If your daughter isn’t a 1D superfan, then the Fine Decor Furs Leopard Print wallpaper is an alternative crazy look they could go for. There are options for all tastes with more natural colour schemes like orange and black & white give that give off more of an African Savannah vibe, and vibrant purple and fuchsia pink designs that shout very loud indeed.

So if you have a teen wanting to show their personality through their bedroom décor, check out the rest of the Fine Décor range.

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