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Street Wise Graffiti with Arthouse Wallpaper

Street Wise Graffiti Opera Fun Arthouse Wallpaper in Pink, Silver and Black is the perfect way to inject some colour into a bedroom this season. This eye-catching wallpaper has been designed with teenagers in mind and represents the urban street scene. Inspired by graffiti and the tagging culture, it features a variety of tags in a delightful colour combination.

The Street Wise Graffiti Opera Fun Arthouse Wallpaper in Pink, Silver and Black can be used throughout a room or just on one wall to create a fun feature. A very popular choice of wallpaper for teenagers who like the urban styling.

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P&S International Graffiti Wallpaper – Multi-Coloured

P&S International Graffiti Wallpaper in Multi-Coloured has been specially designed to add a bold, edgy look to your home this season. This delightful wallpaper has been inspired by the urban trend for graffiti and is sure to brighten up any room. The wallpaper is embossed to create that eye-catching brick effect whilst vibrant splashes of bright colours add a modern touch.

The P&S International Graffiti Wallpaper in Multi-Coloured is perfect for use as a feature wall and is easy to combine into any colour scheme for a great look in a bedroom, family room or playroom. Complete the look with a mix of urban and edgy accessories for an on-trend finish.

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Incorporating Graffiti Wallpaper into a Teenage Bedroom

Graffiti is a bit like Marmite, it is one of those things that you either love or hate. Regardless of whether you like it or not, it is a growing trend in both the art scene and the interior design world – particularly popular with the youth of today. With an increasing number of brands starting to offer graffiti wallpaper like Muriva Graffiti Brick Wallpaper or Debona Graffiti Wallpaper, we thought that we’d help answer some of your questions about how to utilise graffiti wallpaper in a bedroom.

Can graffiti bedroom wallpaper be used tastefully?
The answer to this question is yes – in the right design, graffiti wallpaper can not only provide a bold, eye-catching look but it can also appear sophisticated and tasteful too. The overall result all depends on your use of the wallpaper and your overall styling.

How do I choose a colour scheme?
Graffiti bedroom wallpaper comes in a wide range of colours. Take the Arthouse Street Wise Graffiti Wallpaper for example, this comes in a moody black and grey colour scheme with just a hint of teal and yellow colouring. The Rasch Urban Graffiti Wallpaper on the other hand comes in a more vibrant colour scheme incorporating red, blue, yellow and more. The key to getting the look right is to strike a balance between what your teenager wants and what you like. Don’t just choose the first graffiti wallpaper you find, instead look around at the different designs and colour schemes and choose one that meets your tastes.

What accent colours should I use?
When it comes to choosing accent colours for other walls or woodwork, less is certainly more for a tasteful look. All the graffiti wallpaper designs work well with white. However if you want to select a bolder accent colour, look at the design of the graffiti wallpaper you have chosen and select the shade that appears the least in the design – that can make a perfect accent colour for other areas of the room.

How do I know how many walls to use it on?
As graffiti wallpaper is typically very busy in design, it is actually best used on just one or two walls. For the best effect in large bedrooms, choose two walls that meet and paper both in the same wallpaper for a great effect. Smaller rooms may be overpowered by covering two walls in the design so opt instead for just papering one wall.

What type of flooring goes with graffiti wallpaper?
When choosing flooring solutions for a graffiti themed bedroom, look for something clean and simple in design.  Light to medium wooden flooring is perfect or choose a light, plain carpet to avoid the chance of it clashing with your graffiti wallpaper.

How do I complete the look?
To complete the look and create a stunning graffiti inspired teenage bedroom, choose accessories in your accent colour. This will help tie the look together. Keep bedspreads and curtains plain and simple, again in just one of the accent colours for a more coherent look.

So now you know how to create a tasteful teenage bedroom using graffiti wallpaper, choose your favourite design and start decorating today.

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