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Wallrock Cosy Liner KV300 Erfurt Mav

Wallrock Cosy Liner KV300 is part of the Wallrock Thermal Liner family and made by Erfurt Mav. It has been developed to offer you a more economical package, while still providing many of the same benefits as Wallrock Thermal Liner, though to a lesser degree.

Wallrock Cosy Liner KV300 offers a more modest level of thermal and sound insulation and will provide some of the energy saving properties of Wallrock Thermal Liner. Wallrock Cosy Liner’s main benefits are that it is ideal for covering up problem surfaces such as cracked rendering, wood panelling, bare plasterboard or damaged and rough plaster at a fraction of the cost of Wallrock Thermal Liner. And like all of Erfurt Mav’s Wallrock products, Wallrock Cosy Liner allows walls to breathe which minimises condensation.

In addition, Wallrock Cosy Liner is a Paste the Wall product so it is quick and easy to hang, even for beginners. For a completely flawless finish on your walls and ceilings, Go Wallpaper recommends using Wallrock Fibreliner, Wallrock Premium or Wallrock Fibreliner Plus over the top of Wallrock Cosy Liner Liner.

Easy To Hang Lining Papers – View and Buy @ GoWallpaper

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The Many Advantages of Lining Paper

As with many things, preparation is key when it comes to DIY – and especially when it comes to wallpapering. There’s nothing more irritating that having hung perfectly lined up wallpaper only to see bumps, bubbles or pits appear because on uneven plastering. Below we take a look at lining paper and how it can help you achieve better results when you wallpaper your home.

What is lining paper?

Think of lining paper as wallpaper that’s specifically designed to be applied to bare walls to prepare them for wallpapering. It is made from strong fibres so it’s typically more robust that outward facing wallpaper. This means it forms a flat layer over any imperfections in the wall. If you like to feel like you’re doing your bit for the environment, you can get lining paper that’s made from eco friendly fibres. These are typically the heaviest lining paper grades.

Advantages of using lining paper

Whatever type of lining paper you buy, there are always advantages over not using any at all. The primary reason people buy lining paper is to smooth the walls of the room you are redecorating. The lining paper will disguise small bumps, pits or cracks – the more imperfections there are, the thicker lining paper you should use. Another big advantage  is that it stops the wallpaper from shrinking. This is a common problem when wallpaper is applied directly to walls. It will expand as moisture is added to it in the form of wallpaper paste, then shrink again as it dries. This will lead to gaps between the wallpaper. Lining paper will hold the wallpaper in place at its expanded size. Thirdly, lining paper will stop hung wallpaper from peeling back. This is more common when cheaper wallpaper and adhesives have been used. These are the main points, but there are other added benefits to using lining paper such as added insulation.

So now you know how many advantages there are to using lining paper, you’ve got no excuse not to use it next time you redecorate!

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1400 Grade Lining Paper Explained

There are many different types of wallpapers and lining papers on the market and unless you’re a professional decorator, you might not understand the differences between them. Many of you might be reading this and asking what is lining paper and why is it required anyway? In this guide, we look specifically at 1400 grade lining paper and tell you how best to use it.

Types of lining paper

Before looking in more details at 1400 grade lining paper, it’s probably best to look at lining paper in general. Lining paper is a pre-wallpaper wall covering that’s designed to smooth over walls to prepare them for painting or wallpapering over. There are a range of specialist types of lining paper available. The most well known are thermal lining paper, which helps insulate your home against heat loss, and soundproof liner, which blocks out external noise. But there are also differences in more general liners.

The lining paper grading system

Lining papers are available in a range of different thicknesses. The thickness is explained in the numerical grade of the paper – 800 grade is very thin, while 1400 grade lining paper is very thick and suited to more heavy duty needs.

When to use 1400 lining paper

Superthick lining paper 1400 grade is great for using in your home to cover over plastering imperfections like pits and cracks. If you wallpaper over a wall with imperfections like these without using lining paper first, they will show up under the wallpaper. With 1400 grade lining paper, they should be totally disguised. 1400 grade lining paper can also be used to smooth out walls before painting. For instance, if bubbles have formed in the plaster whilst it was drying. The third use for 1400 lining paper is to cover up marks and stains on the wall. Water leaks, nicotine, smoke damage stains can all show through wallpaper or paint if not covered over first. Thick lining paper will prevent this happening.

So, now you know what 1400 grade lining paper is and where best to use it in your home.

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