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Muriva Victoria Texture Wallpaper – Silver

The Muriva Victoria Texture Wallpaper in Silver has been specially designed to add some on trend glamour to your home. This eye-catching wallpaper is made of heavyweight vinyl and features a delightful textured effect for a great look. Discerning on uneven walls and beautifully styled, this wallpaper is sure to make a welcome addition to any home.

In a modern silver colour scheme, it is subtle enough for use throughout a room and works well with punches of colour through accessories and home furnishings for a stylish finish. The Muriva Victoria Texture Wallpaper in Silver is well suited for use in a formal living area for a great look.

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Lincrusta Cordage Wallpaper

The Lincrusta Cordage Wallpaper has been specially designed to add character to your home this season. This eye-catching textured wallpaper is beautifully embossed with a square swirling design and will offer a fabulous sense of depth to your walls.

Well suited for use in a dining room or living room, the Lincrusta Cordage Wallpaper is a modern interpretation of a 19th century design. Complete the look by painting this wallpaper in the colour of your choice.

Beautifully embossed Lincrusta – View and Buy @ GoWallpaper

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Textured Wallpaper – New Wave for Design

In the 1980s and 1990s there was a move away from using wallpaper. People opted to create a modern, clean look with painted walls. This worked well with all the new build homes that were growing up. But times change and this minimal, clean look is now looking a little outdated itself. There aren’t so many new homes being built at the moment so many people are instead buying and renovating older properties. And simply painting these old walls won’t always hide the imperfections in them.

For anyone considering using textured wallpaper in their homes, they’ll be glad to know that wallpaper manufacturers have noticed the move away from painted walls and have developed more modern textured wallpaper designs in recent years. Textured wallpaper does not mean wood chip anymore!


Anaglypta are probably the brand most associated with painted textured wallpaper. They have been making it for 125 years – but don’t be put off by the heritage. they do produce some traditional textured wallpaper (see their Vintage range), but Anaglypta also offer new ranges such as Superglypta and Anaglypta Luxury. Superglypta is designed to be more hard wearing and is good to use on plaster that has a lot of imperfections, or in high traffic rooms. The Luxury range is at the other end of the spectrum and houses many modern, trendy patterns that are designed to be painted.

For the whole range of Anaglypta products and great ideas, why not visit GoWallpaper to see for yourself.


Wallrock has made a name for itself by producing specialist wall coverings. Two of their best products have been soundproof and insulating lining papers. And they’ve now gone into the textured wallpaper market with the Wallrock Texture range. The range runs the whole of designs from modern to retro to classic looking patterns. So whatever kind of home look you’re going for, there’ll be something to suit.

So if you think your bare painted walls are looking a bit old hat, or just feel like a change, think about using textured wallpaper to add depth and comfort to your home.

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