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Wallrock A50 Fineliner

Wallrock A50 Fineliner is a unique lining material, very thin but very strong, for external or internal use, and supplied in economical 1m x 50m Rolls.

For external use the A50 Fineliner can be used to reinforce a range of finishes by application directly onto a layer of wet masonry paint or a suitable layer of external adhesive before adding a top coat of paint.

For internal use this product is an excellent answer to preventing the re-appearance of cracks in otherwise sound plaster-work. Simply paste the wall and apply the product using butt joints. Wallrock Power Adhesive is ideal with its superior strength.

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Wallrock Dampstop Foil Paper

Wallrock DampStop Foil Paper is a new technological advancement in the world of home décor. Designed to provide a barrier against damp and mould problems in the home, Wallrock Dampstop Foil has been manufactured with a layer of aluminium foil, along with a layer of light grade lining paper. Combined these layers help to prevent penetrating damp and other damp problems you may have whilst smoothing walls and being easy to hang.

As with other Wallrock products, Wallrock Dampstop Foil wallpaper helps to alleviate common household problems that are encountered during home DIY projects, in this case mild damp problems. Use Wallrock DampStop Foil on internal walls and paper over as required to achieve a long-lasting finish.

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Reasons to go with Wallrock Wallpaper from Erfurt Mav

Today there is a wide range of brands, styles and specialist features to consider when choosing a wallpaper. This is very different to how it was in the past when wallpaper was only available in shades of off-white, could be difficult to hang and was often not all that long lasting. But current brand leaders like Erfurt Mav have developed longer lasting wallpapers for all sorts of purposes. Their Wallrock wallpaper range is what we will look at today.

Erfurt Mav Wallrock Lining Papers – In addition to Erfurt Wallrock wallpaper, you can also get Wallrock lining paper. There are a number of liners of different thicknesses contained in their Premium range, all designed to smooth over irregularities in walls. There are also specialized thermal liners that don’t just smooth walls, they also prevent heat escaping through the wall. Wallrock sell standard thermal lining paper and a thicker KV600 thermal liner. Both of them will help you save money on your energy bits if you apply them to the walls in your home. They also have the added benefit of being damp and mould resistant. There is a third thermal liner on offer from Wallrock, R300 Liner. This also provides sound insulation, preventing sound from travelling into or out of a room.

Other specialist lining papers from Wallrock include Fibreliner and Fibreliner Plus, which are designed to smooth over plastering imperfections to prepare walls for painting or wallpapering.

Erfurt Mav Wall Coverings – A range of Erfurt wallpaper and other wall coverings are also available. If you want a textured wallpaper effect that can stand up to heavy traffic then take a look at the Wallrock Texture range. Perfect for hallways, landings and kitchens. Designs range from randomized patterns to more traditional embossed designs. For a more lightly textured look, see the Wallrock Trend range. Both of these Erfurt Mav wallpaper ranges will allow paint to take to them easily so you can create your personalized finished look.

Whichever Erfurt Mav wall covering you opt for, you can be assured it will be high quality, easy to apply to your walls, and will stay there.

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