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Anderton Three in One Damp Proof Foil Paper Adhesive

Anderton Three in One Damp Proof Foil Paper Adhesive has been specially designed to hang Anderton Three in One Damp Proof Foil Paper. Do not use any other type of wallpaper paste or adhesive for this product.

Anderton Damp Foil Adhesive is formulated specifically to adhere to damp surfaces and benefits from a fungicidal additive. It is also quick setting.

The Benefits of Anderton Three in One Damp Foil Adhesive:

  • Formulated to Adhere to Damp Surfaces
  • Resists Moisture
  • Quick Setting
  • Contains Antifungal Additive

Quick Setting Adhesive – View and Buy @ GoWallpaper

A Few Ways of Dealing With Damp Proofing Walls

Many homes in the UK suffer from damp walls at some time or other. It may be a minor issue with the main problem being unsightliness, but can be more severe and cause damage to the wall itself. Whatever the scale of the problem, it’s important not to leave damp untreated. Today we’re going to talk about the reasons walls become damp and how damp proofing walls can prevent or stop mould developing.

The Cause of Damp Walls

There can be a number of external and internal causes of damp walls. The most common reason for internal damp is that a room, typically a bathroom or laundry room, is poorly ventilated so steam cannot escape and forms into condensation on the walls. Although simply opening a window can combat it to some extent, it’s often an ongoing problem. External damp is usually more serious and comes down to issues such as rising damp and leaking roofs or gutters.

How Damp Proofing Can Help

Damp Proofing walls is just one of the ways to solve the problem of damp in your house. If you have a more serious external damp problem then a damp proofing course is probably what’s needed. It’s quite costly and intrusive to set up as it involves applying sheets of felt, made from polymer modified bituminous membranes, to your wall. It will prevent damp penetrating the wall. But if you have internal damp caused by condensation then using damp proofing wallpaper might be a good option. Doric Anderton sell Three In One Damp Proof Foil Paper. You can apply it directly to the wall and then cover over with standard wallpaper. It stops damp penetrating the walls, similar to a damp proofing course. The other option is to use damp proof paint. They are usually labeled as anti-mould or anti-mildew paint and can be applied directly to walls. You can then paint or apply wallpaper over it if you wish. They are generally long lasting so you shouldn’t see mould spots forming there again.

So now you know the options available, no need to worry if you spot mould in your house.