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Zinsser Perma White Anti Mould Paint Interior Eggshell

When you need an anti mildew and anti mould paint that does what it says on the tin, Zinsser Perma White Anti Mould Paint Interior Eggshell really is the go to product. Used in hospitals, factories and swimming pools for its proven anti mould properties, Perma White Interior Paint is just as beneficial in home environments where unhealthy mould and mildew are a problem.

Unlike many other anti mould paints, Zinsser Perma White doesn’t simply cover up the problem, it actually prevents further mildew and mould growth for a minimum of 5 years – guaranteed.

Made from low odour and highly durable latex acrylic resins, Zinsser Perma White can be scrubbed and washed so that it always stays bright and fresh. In fact it’s so tough it also comes with a lifetime durability guarantee. Perma White is moisture and stain resistant and there is no need to pre-sand sound surfaces – just apply directly from the tin. Use on nearly any surface including walls, ceilings, tiles, gloss paint, plasterboard and even cement.

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