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Wallrock Thermal Liner Collection

Wallrock Thermal Liner Collection

Take a look at the Wallrock Thermal Liner Collection. A clever way to insulate your home.

With a special design to keep rooms warm for longer and help cut the cost of energy bills. As well as warming up a room quicker, it also offers soundproofing. A superb natural thermal liner making a welcome addition to your home.

Wallrock Thermal Liner and the new and improved version, Wallrock KV600 Thermal Liner, are the number one choice of thermal lining paper. This is because it is 3.2 mm thick and is designed with one layer of top quality Wallrock Fibreliner. Backed with a technologically advanced thermal insulation material, ensuring that your rooms not only look beautiful, they will also heat up more quickly.

Wallrock Thermal Liner offers a massive array of benefits including heat and sound insulation for all types of walls and ceilings. This includes solid walls, damp and mould resistance, plus a wonderfully smooth surface for decorating.

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Wallrock Thermal Liner with Benefits

Wallrock Thermal Liner

A specialist thermal lining paper that offers so many benefits. Specially developed by Erfurt Mav, it is primarily an energy saving and wall insulation product.

Made from a technologically advanced thermal insulation material, Wallrock Thermal Liner creates a warm blanket for your walls and ceilings. This significantly reduces room warm up time and stops heat escaping through walls and ceilings. It also minimises condensation, mould and damp.

Because it is so thick (3.2mm), it also provides a substantial amount of sound insulation. Noise reduction up to 35% can be acquired. In addition, it covers up rough or damaged walls to transform them into a flat finish.

The most effective place to put any thermal barrier is on the inside of the coldest walls. It is very effective on external walls by which we mean walls that are open to the elements on the other side.

When a room is  lined with Wallrock Thermal Liner, it separates the cold mass of the wall from the room environment. Therefore, the maximum amount of heat is available to heat up the room air. Any room will benefit from the use of thermal liner. The biggest benefits however are in older houses with solid wall construction.

Wallrock Thermal Liner also provides excellent coverage of slightly to medium textured base surfaces – without pre-levelling.

Permeable Wallrock Thermal Liner is the solution to walls with mould problems. It increases the surface temperature of the wall, prevents condensation and therefore combats mould formation.

Don’t be put off by the thickness of this liner either. Since it is a Paste the Wall product it is incredibly easy to hang.

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Wallrock Fireliner Class Zero Reinforced Lining Paper

Wallrock Fireliner Class Zero

Wallrock Fireliner Class Zero Reinforced Lining Paper is specially designed to help protect your home and your family in the event of a fire.

Firstly, this revolutionary lining paper does everything ordinary lining paper does plus a whole lot more. This lining paper creates a smooth, professional base for paint or decorative wallpaper. Furthermore, it also improves fire safety in the home or office.

Secondly, Wallrock Fireliner offers all the features of standard Wallrock Fibreliner. It is easy to apply using paste the wall or paste the paper. Fireliner also provides very high strength to permanently reinforce cracks and other defects.

More importantly, fire rated class 0 is the very best in wallpaper classification for reaction to fire. It goes one step further as it contains active fire retardant. This means it also helps protect potentially vulnerable surfaces. So this gives you valuable extra time to get out of your home in the event of a fire. The unique design of this strong, technically advanced lining paper means that it is actively fire resistant. It will protect surfaces from fire for longer.

Brought to you by Erfurt Mav and their innovative solutions for the home, Wallrock Fireliner Class Zero Reinforced Lining Paper contains no PVC. It even allows your walls to breathe for a healthier environment.

Finally, this 55 single and 55 double rolls offers great coverage and is easy to hang. A must-have lining paper to future-proof your home.

  • Contains active fire retardant for fire resistance, giving you valuable time to vacate your home
  • Fire rated class 0 – the very best in wallpaper classification for reaction to fire
  • Strong and robust to smooth out uneven walls and ceilings
  • Uses paper from sustainable sources
  • Allows your walls to breathe for a healthier home
  • Paste the wall or the paper for convenience
  • PVC free

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Wallrock R300 Liner

The Wallrock R300 Liner is part of the Wallrock Thermal Liner family and is made by Erfurt Mav. It has been developed to offer you a more economical package, while still providing many of the same benefits as Wallrock Thermal Liner, though to a lesser degree.

At 1mm thick Wallrock R300 offers a more modest level of thermal and sound insulation and will provide some of the energy saving properties of Wallrock Thermal Liner. Wallrock R300’s main benefits are that it is ideal for covering up problem surfaces such as cracked rendering, wood panelling, bare plasterboard or damaged and rough plaster at a fraction of the cost of Wallrock Thermal Liner. And like all of Erfurt Mav’s Wallrock products, Wallrock R300 allows walls to breathe which minimises condensation.

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How Wallrock Thermal Liner Range Cuts Energy Costs And Saves You Money

All home owners will have noticed the cost of running their homes going up and up in recent years. The big energy operators have all raised their prices again recently, making it the most expensive time in living memory to heat and power your home. But you can soften the blow by lowering your energy usage.

One big area to tackle is lighting your house. Use natural light as much as possible by opening curtains and blinds fully in the day. Get into the habit of switching off lights when you go out of a room and switching off timers when you go away.

The second area is heating. Turning your thermostat down a couple of degrees won’t make much difference to you, but it will to your bills. Making sure windows are properly sealed and that your loft is insulated will stop heat escaping through them. Now for your walls, the best thing to use is Wallrock Natural Thermal Liner.

The range of Wallrock Thermal Liner products have been purposely designed to make it quicker to heat up a room, and keep that heat from escaping your walls. So the amount of energy, and money, you save is twofold.

Sound too good to be true? Here’s how it works…

Wallrock Natural Thermal Liner has been developed by Erfurt Mav using aerospace technology. It’s made from an advanced thermal insulator, which prevents heat escaping through it, that’s been bonded to a high quality lining paper that means you can paste it on the wall just like normal wallpaper. You can easily cover the thermal lining paper with the design of wallpaper covering you want to be visible on your walls. There will be no visible change to your walls, but you should notice that your rooms heat up more quickly and stay heated.

As well as bringing your energy costs down, Wallrock Natural Thermal Liner has the added benefit of helping prevent condensation, mould and damp – something that is always welcome.

But all of this doesn’t come at great cost. Wallrock Thermal Liner is affordable, especially when you factor in the savings you’ll make on your bills. So take a look at Wallrock Thermal Liner range today, another environmentally friendly product from Erfurt Mav




Use energy more efficiently with Thermal Wall Coverings

While the general cost of living has been going up in the last few years, the cost of electricity and gas has been going up at a much higher rate, meaning our bills are getting truly shocking. Many people are doing things to use less electricity, such as using less heating, and not using non-necessary appliances like washing machines and dryers. But another approach is to use your electricity more efficiently. If you insulate your home with thermal wallpaper, you lessen the time you need to have radiators and fan heaters switched on for. Read on to learn more about thermal wallpaper and where to use it.

What is Thermal Wallpaper?

Thermal wallpaper is labeled differently by different brands. Sometimes it’s called insulating wallpaper, but it’s also known as insulating wallpaper or thermal lining paper (or thermal liner, to give it its abbreviated name). But all these terms refer to the same sort of product – a thermal wall covering that is designed to insulate your walls buy trapping warm air inside and prevent cold from outside getting through your interior walls.

Thermal liner vs Thermal Wallpaper

However, the construction of thermal wallpaper and thermal lining paper does differ slightly. Thermal lining paper is made of an advanced themal insulator bonded to a thick, high quality lining paper. It’s designed to be used beneath normal wallpaper and will offer the advantages of regular lining paper like smoothing walls and protecting wallpaper from becoming stained. Thermal wallpaper usually has another layer of paper attached to the visible side to give a textured finish to your walls. Usually you will only need to use one or the other to provide thermal wall insulation to your home.

Where to use Thermal Wall Coverings

Thermal wallpapers and liners can be used anywhere throughout your home, but they work best on external walls where they won’t just trap warm air withing but also make a barrier against the cold from outside. However, they also have benefits when used on all the walls in certain rooms e.g. to remove the need for a heater to be on in a bedroom all night or to make cold Winter mornings more bearable in kitchens and bathrooms.

If you are looking at buying thermal wallpaper or liner, check the packaging for a performance description. A good thermal wall insulation should cause a room to heat up around 65% faster than if it wasn’t insulated, and reduce energy usage by 36% – so the savings on your energy bills will be significant.

A-Z of Erfurt Mav

There are many interior design and DIY brands that call themselves brand leaders. But Erfurt Mav are one that deserve the label. They consistently develop intelligent solutions to their customers’ needs, often being among the first to innovate new products.

Erfurt Mav (sometimes written as Erfurtmav), are the people behind the popular Wallrock wallpaper range. Their varied range of wallpaper and lining paper offer a plethora of benefits to people looking to redecorate. Below we look at some of the key products in the Wallrock range.

Thermal Liners

Efurt May were one of the first to develop wall coverings that had the practical purpose of insulating homes, not just for decoration. As efficiency and energy savings have become more of a priority for people, these thermal liners answer that need. Their standard thermal liner is 3.2mm thick and their latest, KV600, is 4mm, which not only insulates against heat loss but from noise as well.


Also part of the Wallrock range is Wallrock Fiberliner. This was developed for homes that receive a more than usual amount of wear and tear – perhaps due to young kids, pets, or just frequent guest visits. Wallrock Fiberliner is also designed to hold paint well and give a durable long lasting finish.


Wallrock Fineliner is designed to be a low cost alternative to replastering walls. Many aging homes require internal and external walls to be replastered to smooth them over. There is also Wallrock Superglass, a stronger more durable product for smoothing walls.


There are a range of Wallrock textured wallpapers available. All of them are hardwearing and designed to take paint well, so you can use Wallrock Wallpaper anywhere in your home.

Erfurt May’s Wallrock range is one of the best selling brands in the home décor industry, so it’s definitely worth checking out the rest of their range if you’re thinking of having any work done.

The science and statistics behind Wallrock Thermal Liner

In the not too distant past, many DIY wallpaperers wouldn’t even prep the walls with filler before hanging wallpaper, leading to poorly hung, uneven wallpaper. Results like this put many DIY-ers off from decorating themselves – turning to professional decorators or just leaving their rooms as they were. But in the last decade or so, home décor brands have piled research into the problems facing DIY redecorators and came up with a series of solutions. Erfurt May have been one of the companies leading this trend with their Wallrock range.

Today we’re taking a look at the science and stats behind Wallrock Thermal Liner. It’s a lining paper that, unlike regular lining paper, also insulates your home. It uses a technology previously used in aeronautics to stop heat being lost through walls. It’s made from a secret thermal insulation material bonded to a durable, high quality lining paper. Using it can really help you save on energy bills.

It works by bouncing heat back into the room – the design of thermal liner means warm air is reflected back into the room when it tries to escape through walls. This retains heat and makes it quicker to heat up the room. A test found that using Wallrock Natural Thermal Liner can increase the speed a room heats up by 65%. When two rooms of identical size and construction were heated up, the one will thermal liner on the walls took 25 minutes to reach 21 degrees, while the one without took 60 minutes. What’s more, in rooms without thermal liner, 20% of the heat will be used up warming the walls themselves.

Wallrock Thermal Liner also has the benefit of preventing mould growth when used with Wallrock Thermal Liner Adhesive. It can also prevent sound transference between rooms and offers the smooth finish of regular paper liners.

Turn your home into a toasty Christmas hideaway with thermal wallpaper solutions

When those cold Winters’ days and nights set in, many people can’t resist the urge to switch on their electric blankets and turn up the thermostat. But while you’re pushing up your energy costs, you may actually be losing a lot of the heat through your walls. And with energy prices at record highs, this is really something you’ll want to avoid. Invest in some insulating wallpaper or thermal wallpaper, and you can trap heat in your home. Read on to learn about thermal wallpaper solutions and how it can make your home more efficient.

Two kinds of insulating wall coverings

There’s a lot of products available today that claim to be thermal wall coverings. They can generally be divided two types – thermal wallpaper and thermal lining paper. Thermal lining paper is designed to by applied to walls and then covered over with wallpaper, where as thermal wallpaper will insulate and provide the finished look for your room. There are not as many designs or prints available as normal wallpaper, but thermal wallpaper is usually designed to be painted over.

The difference in construction between the two is that thermal liner is made from a technologically advanced thermal insulator that’s been bonded to thick lining paper. Thermal wallpaper will also have an additional layer of high quality paper attached to the outer side to give your walls a textured finish, so there’s no need to overlay with additional wallpaper.

As well as making your room heat up as much as 65% more quickly, thermal wall coverings also ensure that heat is retained. Combined this means that you reduce the amount of heating needed to heat a room by up to 36%. And depending on the brand of thermal liner you buy, it can also help to prevent condensation causing problems with mould.

How to use thermal wall coverings

Thermal lining paper and thermal wallpaper are most often used in living areas like the lounge or dining room. But it is suitable to hang on the walls of any room. They can be great at taking the chill out of a Winter’s morning in bedrooms and bathrooms. As well as walls, they can also be installing on ceilings to trap in even more heat if needed.

So if you’re hurting from your last gas or electric bill, or feeling the cold at home, it might be time to think about investing in some thermal wall coverings.