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How to Hang Wallrock Thermal liner and Wallrock KV600 Lining paper

If you are applying over plaster bare lightly sand then PVA bond 2 times to seal the wall

If you are applying over painted plaster light sand then PVA bond to seal the wall

You can apply over a paper product e.g. lining paper, woodchip embossed papers. Do not apply over vinyl, blown vinyl wallpaper as this will reduce the breathability of the thermal liner. Again lightly sand then PVA bond the wallpaper.

Once this is done let the PVA dry for a minimum 24 hours at normal room temperature no heating windows open if possible.

Mark the wall away from the corner approx. 70cm (thermal Liner) 95cm (KV600) and draw a plumb line (straight) to start from.

Once this is done open the thermal liner adhesive and stir (if in a bag empty into the tub first)

Cut lengths before starting

Apply a good amount of adhesive working away from the corner to the wall enough to hang 1 strip at a time thermal liner (apply approx.. 1 m wide) (KV600 1.3m Wide) this is so there is enough to cover the edges at both sides using a medium pile roller and a brush for the top , bottom and corners.

Repeat the above until you get into the opposite corner, cut and trim into the corner do not go around internal corners as they are not usually straight.

Once you have done this finish the wall on the opposite side going into the corner when you started from but did not do.

Repeat the above for the other walls.

Once this is done let dry for 24 hours at normal room temperature no heating windows open if possible.

Once dry you may need to lightly fill the joints with flexible filler but before doing this you must paint the joints with the paint you intend to use, DO NOT apply the filler directly on to the surface of the paper then when you come to sand down if will damage the surface of the wallrock thermal liner. If painted first then when you sand down you will be sanding onto a painted surface

If wallpapering on top then if the gaps are very small the wallrock power adhesive will fill them if you need to fill there is no need to paint the paper first as you will be covering it with the wallrock Fibreliner, Premium, Fibreliner plus, Armadillo, Wallrock Texture or Wallrock Trend.

Tips to hanging

  1. Applying around external corners is ok but you will end up with a rounded corner
  2. If you want a straight corner you must use the wallrock Fibreliner, Premium, Fibreliner plus, Armadillo, Wallrock Texture or Wallrock Trend to hide the cut as you will see the furry backing of the wallrock Thermal Liner .
  3. Again as above if you do around windows but if you go around you might need to pin the thermal liner in place to stop it springing back just until it is dry.
  4. Light switches and plugs – just screw away and tuck behind (you may need to buy longer screws to secure back) when tightening be careful not to over tighten as this will push into the wallrock thermal liner surface.

Download Wallrock KV600 Thermal Liner Hanging Instructions & Wallrock Thermal Liner Hanging Instructions Here.

You can Buy Wallrock KV600 Thermal Liner Here

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A-Z of Erfurt Mav

There are many interior design and DIY brands that call themselves brand leaders. But Erfurt Mav are one that deserve the label. They consistently develop intelligent solutions to their customers’ needs, often being among the first to innovate new products.

Erfurt Mav (sometimes written as Erfurtmav), are the people behind the popular Wallrock wallpaper range. Their varied range of wallpaper and lining paper offer a plethora of benefits to people looking to redecorate. Below we look at some of the key products in the Wallrock range.

Thermal Liners

Efurt May were one of the first to develop wall coverings that had the practical purpose of insulating homes, not just for decoration. As efficiency and energy savings have become more of a priority for people, these thermal liners answer that need. Their standard thermal liner is 3.2mm thick and their latest, KV600, is 4mm, which not only insulates against heat loss but from noise as well.


Also part of the Wallrock range is Wallrock Fiberliner. This was developed for homes that receive a more than usual amount of wear and tear – perhaps due to young kids, pets, or just frequent guest visits. Wallrock Fiberliner is also designed to hold paint well and give a durable long lasting finish.


Wallrock Fineliner is designed to be a low cost alternative to replastering walls. Many aging homes require internal and external walls to be replastered to smooth them over. There is also Wallrock Superglass, a stronger more durable product for smoothing walls.


There are a range of Wallrock textured wallpapers available. All of them are hardwearing and designed to take paint well, so you can use Wallrock Wallpaper anywhere in your home.

Erfurt May’s Wallrock range is one of the best selling brands in the home décor industry, so it’s definitely worth checking out the rest of their range if you’re thinking of having any work done.

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Turn your home into a toasty Christmas hideaway with thermal wallpaper solutions

When those cold Winters’ days and nights set in, many people can’t resist the urge to switch on their electric blankets and turn up the thermostat. But while you’re pushing up your energy costs, you may actually be losing a lot of the heat through your walls. And with energy prices at record highs, this is really something you’ll want to avoid. Invest in some insulating wallpaper or thermal wallpaper, and you can trap heat in your home. Read on to learn about thermal wallpaper solutions and how it can make your home more efficient.

Two kinds of insulating wall coverings

There’s a lot of products available today that claim to be thermal wall coverings. They can generally be divided two types – thermal wallpaper and thermal lining paper. Thermal lining paper is designed to by applied to walls and then covered over with wallpaper, where as thermal wallpaper will insulate and provide the finished look for your room. There are not as many designs or prints available as normal wallpaper, but thermal wallpaper is usually designed to be painted over.

The difference in construction between the two is that thermal liner is made from a technologically advanced thermal insulator that’s been bonded to thick lining paper. Thermal wallpaper will also have an additional layer of high quality paper attached to the outer side to give your walls a textured finish, so there’s no need to overlay with additional wallpaper.

As well as making your room heat up as much as 65% more quickly, thermal wall coverings also ensure that heat is retained. Combined this means that you reduce the amount of heating needed to heat a room by up to 36%. And depending on the brand of thermal liner you buy, it can also help to prevent condensation causing problems with mould.

How to use thermal wall coverings

Thermal lining paper and thermal wallpaper are most often used in living areas like the lounge or dining room. But it is suitable to hang on the walls of any room. They can be great at taking the chill out of a Winter’s morning in bedrooms and bathrooms. As well as walls, they can also be installing on ceilings to trap in even more heat if needed.

So if you’re hurting from your last gas or electric bill, or feeling the cold at home, it might be time to think about investing in some thermal wall coverings.

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