Does Latex Sound Proof Wall Liner Really Work?

Yes – Latex Sound Proof Wall Liner really does work as it is made from specially developed sound absorbing foam and laminated with a thick lining paper. The Latex structure acts like a sponge, reducing echo and deadening noise, and is particularly effective in combating high frequency sounds.

Latex Sound Proof Wall Liner – Why Recommend lining over the top

Two main reasons – 1) Makes it much easier to achieve a nice neat finish with minimal filling and sanding. 2) It helps your investment from damage creating a good base for paint or decorative wallpaper at the same time.Important – If you are planning to hang lining paper on top of Latex Sound Proof Wall Liner, we strongly recommend that you use a non-woven lining paper such as Wallrock Fibreliner Plus, Wallrock Fibreliner or Wallrock premium.Traditional lining paper shrinks and expands when pasted and can cause lifting on the joints In contrast; non-woven lining paper is dimensionally stable and ensures a perfect finish.

How do I tackle external corners with Latex Sound Proof Wall Liner?

Well you have 2 options with Latex Sound Proof Wall Liner as it will bend around the corner and this will give you a rounded corner. Alternatively you can cut and butt joint at the corner, this option is best if you are applying a Wallrock Lining Paper or Wallrock Textured paper on top as it will hide the joint.