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How to Hang Wallrock Thermal liner and Wallrock KV600 Lining paper

If you are applying over plaster bare lightly sand then PVA bond 2 times to seal the wall

If you are applying over painted plaster light sand then PVA bond to seal the wall

You can apply over a paper product e.g. lining paper, woodchip embossed papers. Do not apply over vinyl, blown vinyl wallpaper as this will reduce the breathability of the thermal liner. Again lightly sand then PVA bond the wallpaper.

Once this is done let the PVA dry for a minimum 24 hours at normal room temperature no heating windows open if possible.

Mark the wall away from the corner approx. 70cm (thermal Liner) 95cm (KV600) and draw a plumb line (straight) to start from.

Once this is done open the thermal liner adhesive and stir (if in a bag empty into the tub first)

Cut lengths before starting

Apply a good amount of adhesive working away from the corner to the wall enough to hang 1 strip at a time thermal liner (apply approx.. 1 m wide) (KV600 1.3m Wide) this is so there is enough to cover the edges at both sides using a medium pile roller and a brush for the top , bottom and corners.

Repeat the above until you get into the opposite corner, cut and trim into the corner do not go around internal corners as they are not usually straight.

Once you have done this finish the wall on the opposite side going into the corner when you started from but did not do.

Repeat the above for the other walls.

Once this is done let dry for 24 hours at normal room temperature no heating windows open if possible.

Once dry you may need to lightly fill the joints with flexible filler but before doing this you must paint the joints with the paint you intend to use, DO NOT apply the filler directly on to the surface of the paper then when you come to sand down if will damage the surface of the wallrock thermal liner. If painted first then when you sand down you will be sanding onto a painted surface

If wallpapering on top then if the gaps are very small the wallrock power adhesive will fill them if you need to fill there is no need to paint the paper first as you will be covering it with the wallrock Fibreliner, Premium, Fibreliner plus, Armadillo, Wallrock Texture or Wallrock Trend.

Tips to hanging

  1. Applying around external corners is ok but you will end up with a rounded corner
  2. If you want a straight corner you must use the wallrock Fibreliner, Premium, Fibreliner plus, Armadillo, Wallrock Texture or Wallrock Trend to hide the cut as you will see the furry backing of the wallrock Thermal Liner .
  3. Again as above if you do around windows but if you go around you might need to pin the thermal liner in place to stop it springing back just until it is dry.
  4. Light switches and plugs – just screw away and tuck behind (you may need to buy longer screws to secure back) when tightening be careful not to over tighten as this will push into the wallrock thermal liner surface.

Download Wallrock KV600 Thermal Liner Hanging Instructions & Wallrock Thermal Liner Hanging Instructions Here.

You can Buy Wallrock KV600 Thermal Liner Here

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800 Grade Lining Paper Hanging Instructions


The ideal surface for application of wall coverings is one that is ‘slightly absorbent’ and not glossy. This allows the adhesive to form a good bond with the surface.

Remove any loose or flaking paint, clean walls and allow to dry. We recommend that ALL surfaces are lightly sanded and ‘Sized’ with a PVA or Flake Adhesive. New plaster should also be ‘Sized’.

800 Lining Paper has two surfaces finishes. We recommend the outer surface of the roll offers an improved finish for paint or decorating wallpaper. Please ensure that all lengths are pasted on the same side.


  1.  Mark a straight line on the wall using a plumb line or similar (please note that lining paper should ideally be applied at 90º to the final wall covering if it is to be used as a base for decorative wallpaper).
  2.  Measure and cut lengths of 800 grade lining paper allowing extra for trimming at either end. Apply the adhesive evenly ensuring the edges are covered.
  3. Fold lengths but Do Not crease and leave each length to soak for the same period of time until pliable; usually 7-10 minutes.
  4. Apply the first length of 800 grade lining paper to the guideline, smooth down with a brush or wallpaper smoother. Remove any adhesive from the face of the paper using a sponge and clean water. Do not overlap; use butt joints for all subsequent lengths.
  5. Cut off any excess 800 grade lining paper at the ceiling, floors and corners using a Ofla heavy duty snap knife. Alternatively carefully mark the paper surface using a pencil and trim with scissors.
  6. Allow 24 hours for drying; longer if conditions are especially humid or cold. We also recommend that 800 grade lining paper is allowed to dry naturally and therefore that the heating is turned off whilst the paper dries out. However; if temperatures are likely to drop below 10˚c/50˚F it is advisable that low level heating is  used to ensure the adhesive can cure effectively.
  7. Before painting or overhanging with paper, it may be necessary to fill and sand any small gaps using flexible non shrinking filler.
  8. Once dry, apply the final wall covering or paint with a good quality emulsion paint.


For perfect results we recommend you use a good quality ready mixed adhesive such as ‘Easy Paste’, or any good quality ‘All Purpose’ wallpaper paste in doubt test hang a piece or consult your supplier.

Download 800 Lining Paper Hanging Instructions Here

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