1700 grade lining paper

How do you know when to use 1700 grade lining paper?

If you’re a beginner when it comes to DIY, you might question whether the added cost and time of using lining paper is completely necessary? One clue that it is, is that most professional decorators will always use it. This is due to one thing – the condition of most walls, especially in older houses, is that they contain imperfections and need lining. But there’s another question that might stump the novice home redecorator – What grade of lining paper to use. This article looks at when you might need to use a 1700 grade lining paper.

What is lining paper and what do number grades mean?

Lining paper is a wall covering that should be hung on walls before wallpaper to smooth over the walls. They are classed according to numbers, with 600 and 800 grades being the thinnest and 1700 and 2000 being the thickest.

When is 1700 Grade Lining Paper needed?

As we’ve already mentioned, lining paper 1700 grade is one of the thickest lining papers available. It’s designed specifically to even out and disguise imperfections on plastered walls. This might include anything from pitting or bubbling caused by the way the plaster dried, to gouges and scoring caused by wallpaper removal. 1700 grade lining paper can also be used to stop stains or marks from showing or leaching through onto wallpaper.

Where to buy 1700 lining paper

Lower grades of lining paper are produced by many brands and are easy to find in many DIY stores as well as online. But the higher grades are not available so widely. They are usually more expensive than lower grades of lining paper due to the more complex manufacturing process. One of the brands that produces 1700 grade is Erfurt Mav. You should be able to find this from a few online stores.

So there you go – if you think you have walls that require a thicker lining paper then opt for 1700 grade next time you redecorate.

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