Wallrock Thermal Liner

Wallrock Thermal Liner with Benefits

Wallrock Thermal Liner

A specialist thermal lining paper that offers so many benefits. Specially developed by Erfurt Mav, it is primarily an energy saving and wall insulation product.

Made from a technologically advanced thermal insulation material, Wallrock Thermal Liner creates a warm blanket for your walls and ceilings. This significantly reduces room warm up time and stops heat escaping through walls and ceilings. It also minimises condensation, mould and damp.

Because it is so thick (3.2mm), it also provides a substantial amount of sound insulation. Noise reduction up to 35% can be acquired. In addition, it covers up rough or damaged walls to transform them into a flat finish.

The most effective place to put any thermal barrier is on the inside of the coldest walls. It is very effective on external walls by which we mean walls that are open to the elements on the other side.

When a room is  lined with Wallrock Thermal Liner, it separates the cold mass of the wall from the room environment. Therefore, the maximum amount of heat is available to heat up the room air. Any room will benefit from the use of thermal liner. The biggest benefits however are in older houses with solid wall construction.

Wallrock Thermal Liner also provides excellent coverage of slightly to medium textured base surfaces – without pre-levelling.

Permeable Wallrock Thermal Liner is the solution to walls with mould problems. It increases the surface temperature of the wall, prevents condensation and therefore combats mould formation.

Don’t be put off by the thickness of this liner either. Since it is a Paste the Wall product it is incredibly easy to hang.

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