1000 Grade lining paper

Erfurt Mav Professional 1000 Grade Lining Paper

1000 Grade Lining Paper

Erfurt Mav is synonymous with quality 1000 Grade lining  paper and other wallpaper products. So because Erfurt Mav’s traditional lining papers deliver such an excellent base layer, most professional decorators simply won’t use any other lining paper. First of all, that base layer is  brilliant for paint and other wall coverings. Secondly, there is the super smooth surface and easy cutting and handling properties.  And therefore, they really are the best lining papers that money can buy.

Take a look at our Paste Guide & Usage below:

  • Roll Width: 56cm
  • Available Roll Lengths: 10m (Single) – 20m (Double) – 40m (Quad)
  • Recommended Adhesive: Easy Paste Ready Mixed
  • Adhesive Required: Each Single 10m Roll will Use on Average 1kg

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