Reasons to use lining paper

If you haven’t done much DIY, or wallpapering, before, you might think that all you need to do it are some rolls of wallpaper and wallpaper adhesive. And you might be right, but getting the sort of finish you’re after will be very hard if you do it like this. The key to getting a really good result is preparing. Lining paper is one thing you don’t want to skimp on if you want to get perfect wallpaper, and here are the reasons why:

Smooth walls

When you strip back wallpaper, you will find that walls are often not perfect. They’ll often contain cracks, pits, dumps, bubbles and a whole host of other imperfections. If you apply wallpaper directly to walls containing imperfections, it will ruin the end result. So the primary reason for using lining paper, such as Wallrock Fibreliner Plus, is to smooth over any wall imperfections and create a flat surface to apply wallpaper to.

Avoid shrinkage

A lot of wallpapers, particularly towards the cheaper end of the spectrum, are woven. When wallpaper adhesive is applied to woven wallpaper, it will expand slightly. As you apply wallpaper to the wall, and put up the next piece, while it is damp, you can end up with gaps between the drops of wallpaper when it dries. This obviously results in a rough, uneven finish. Using lining paper will help the wallpaper dry more quickly and also hold the wallpaper in place at its expanded size.

Reduce staining

Wallpaper can get stained if substances in the wall leach into the wallpaper, or if moisture from the paste causes colours to bleed together.  Again, lining paper can stop this by adding a barrier between wall and wallpaper, reducing the drying time when you first paste the wallpaper.

Provide Durability

If you are wallpapering all bare plaster or painted wall, directly applying the wallpaper will often end up with the wallpaper peeling off the wall, leading to the need to re-hang the paper over and over. If you use lining paper it will keep the wallpaper in place for longer. Lining paper that comes in a longer, wider role, like Wallrock Fibreliner Plus 100, is perfect for this kind of job.

So, we hope you can now see that adding some lining paper to your shopping list when you’re next planning to redecorate is a wise decision.

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