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2000 Grade Lining Paper Professional – BOX DEALS

Erfurt Mav 2000 Grade Lining Paper

2000 Grade Lining Paper is the thickest traditional lining paper available. Made by Erfurt Mav, 2000 Grade is the lining paper of choice for professional decorators when dealing with walls and ceilings suffering from minor defects. Firstly, 2000 Grade Lining Paper is able to cover a multitude of sins. Secondly, it leaves walls looking even and flat. (If walls are significantly damaged then consider using a specialist liner such as Wallrock Thermal Liner.

Finally, Erfurt Mav lining paper is produced to the highest standards and offers many additional benefits over other inferior lining papers. These include its ability to allow walls to breathe which reduces condensation. Its superior strength means far fewer rips and tears.

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