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Arthouse Space Man Rocket Glitter Wallpaper in White

Space Man Rocket Glitter Wallpaper

Space Man Rocket Glitter Wallpaper in White from Arthouse Wallpaper is designed to add a touch of fun to any child’s bedroom.

This delightful wallpaper is inspired by a child’s love of space and adventure. It is sure to make a welcome addition to any bedroom or playroom. Featuring rockets, aliens, astronauts and planets in a lively colour scheme, it will add character and colour to your walls. The subtle white background also adds a calming undertone whilst glitter accents add a touch of magic.

Finally, the Arthouse Space Man Rocket Glitter Wallpaper in White is suitable for use throughout a room or as a feature wall. Complete the look with space themed accessories to complete the look.

Lost in Space with Aliens – View and Buy @ GoWallpaper

Paperboy Ere-be-dragons Stone Taupe Wallpaper – Boys Bedroom

Paperboy Ere-be-dragons

PaperBoy Ere-be-dragons Stone Taupe Wallpaper is a great way to spark the imagination.

Firstly, this trending boy’s wallpaper is inspired by the fairy-tale world of dragons and knights. It is sure to make a welcome addition to any bedroom or playroom. Also, as part of the PaperBoy Ere-be-dragons Wallpaper Collection, the wallpaper features dragon, knight and castle imagery complete with a mischievous little boy.

Furthermore, the busy design is brought to life with a neutral background and vibrant orange overlay. This offers a great look that will transcend the seasons. Finally, the PaperBoy Stone Taupe Wallpaper offers a quick and easy way to update a bedroom.

Use The Imagination of a Child – View and Buy @ GoWallpaper

Decorating ideas for boys Wallpaper and Bedroom

Popular decoration themes for young boys rooms are things like Thomas the Tank Engine, Disney’s Cars or space themed boys wallpaper. But when they become a teenager, they are likely to run a mile from these designs. Below we take a look at three different wallpaper options more suited to teenage boys’ bedrooms.

Wall Murals

Although wall murals have generally been aimed at younger children with Disney characters and generic childhood imagery, brand like Walltastic now offer wall murals aimed at older children and teenagers, so there’s options when it comes to choosing a boy’s wall mural for a teenager’s bedroom. You can choose from comic book themes , films such as Star Wars or a world map. Murals generally come in panels so they are easy to hang and remove.

Wallpaper Designs

Boy’s wallpaper designs are a great alternative to wall murals. There is a current trend for British/Union Jack themed designs – bold red, white and blue stripes work really well. This can work all around the room or just as a feature wall. A third option is to contrast two different British wallpaper designs. Another design that is popular for teenage boy’s rooms are street art brick and graffiti designs. These are great for bringing a hit of vibrant colour to the room.

Paint Effects

If you feel like getting a bit creative, then there’s no need to limit yourself only to wallpaper designs or wall murals. You can use paint to create a lot of different effects. As I mentioned before, stripes are very popular and are totally flexible in terms of colour, so you can tailor the look to suit your son’s tastes. You can mix wide and narrow stripes to create a more relaxed look. Another option is to go for contrasting woodwork. When dong this it’s best to keep the walls a neutral colour and highlight the woodwork with a brighter colour. If you don’t have woodwork, a wallpaper border is another way to liven up plain walls.

And if one of those doesn’t please them, then you might have a proper Kevin on your hands.