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Stay ahead of the fashion pack with Debona Wallpaper

Interior design is just like fashion when it comes to new trends. They change with the seasons and something that’s popular now will be considered out of date in 3 months time. So it can be difficult to make a decision when it comes to choosing a wallpaper. You want to give your house a more on trend look, but you don’t want to go for something that’ll look our of fashion in a few months time. Well the solution could well come in the form of Debona wallpaper. Their designs are timelessly stylish rather than of the moment trendy so they’ll look good now and next year.

The Pattern That Never Dies – Hands down the most popular design of all time has to be stripes. They have rarely gone out of fashion and there’s good reason for this – They simply allow you to feature multiple colours, and you can vary the stripe thicknesses to give bolder or more subtle looks.

Timeless shades of pink and silver which are popular all year round and finally a subtle lime green which is very fashionable at the moment but not so bright that it will dominate the design. This design would look just great in living rooms, bedrooms or studies.

Timeless Elegance – Damask has been around for over a thousand years. So you can’t get much more timeless than that. The detailed nature of the patterns makes them suitable for creating a feature wall, and they can equally work across a whole room. Colours are really important if you want a timeless feel. From the current range of Debona patterns the black, white and grey seems well suited to this. These shades rarely go out of fashion.

Mix and match styles – Although it might take a little getting your head around, going for a style from the past that mismatches with the style of your house can actually give it a timeless feel. A twenties art deco or seventies brown and beige design in a really modern home will create a striking feel. There are plenty for the former available in Debona’s Art Deco range. Our advice is to stick to bigger, bolder patterns if you want them to feel fashionable for longer.

Get the Debona Wallpaper look this Summer

Just like in the world of fashion, new trends emerge with each new season in interior design. The height of fashion right now will be old hat come next season. This can make redecorating your home seem like a catch-22 situation. You want it to look more fashionable than it does now, but you don’t want to redecorate only for it to become out of fashion by the next season. We think we’ve found the solution in Debona Wallpaper. Their stylish and, importantly, timeless designs will look great in your room this Summer and for many to come.

Stripes – Stripes are perhaps the best example of a look that rarely, if ever, goes out of fashion. Although different colours will go in and out of fashion, the concept of stripes is timeless. Play it safe by choosing core colours that are seen in most seasonal trends. One such example from the collection of Debona wallpaper designs is the pink, lime and silver stripes. Pink in this shade is a classic, timeless colour while grey/silver is multi seasonal, great for all year round. And lime green is the perfect accent colour for the coming season, yet it’s subtle enough to not look out of place in coming seasons. Stripes can work in any room in a house, and are especially popular in the living room, bedroom or study.

Damask Prints – In you fancy something a little more detailed than stripes, then Damask patterns are another timeless, classic design. They can work across all seasons and are great for creating a bold focal wall in a room. Again, think carefully about what colours to use if you want to create a really timeless look. One of the Debona patterns we recommend uses black, white and grey. The elegance of damask prints makes them ideal for living rooms, dining rooms and master bedrooms.

Retro Designs – It may sound counter-intuitive, but using a design from a bygone era can be a great way to create a stylish, timeless look in your home. The key here is to avoid going for the look from the era your house was built. So if you have a modern home that’s less than 10 years old, it could look wonderful with Debona’s Art Deco range or brown and beige 70s inspired designs. Generally, the bigger designs are the longest lasting so we’d recommend plumping for big bold patterns.

To see the full range of timeless looks available from Debona, check out their full wallpaper range