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Hot New Summer Wallpaper Trends

The world of interior design is just as fast paced as fashion when it comes to trends. Pick up an interior design magazine this month and you’ll see that they’re already talking about what the trends will be for the Summer wallpaper. Below we share our inside tips about what’s going to be hot for your walls this Summer.

Floral Print Wall Paper

Flowers are a big part of the Summer landscape, so it shouldn’t come as a surprise to see them being one of the wallpaper trends for this Summer. Flowers have been in trend before but this Summer it’s all about large, eye-catching prints inspired by tropical islands. Hawaiian prints are going to be huge, with big floral elements and a few bright green hints of foliage. When it comes to hanging the wallpaper, we’d recommend doing it on at least two walls. Ideally one should be the wall facing the window and one adjacent to it. Do this for the boutique look of the season.

Wallpaper Colours

To achieve the Summer 2013 in-trend wallpaper look think the brighter, the better. The biggest colour of the season is bright fuchsia pink however make sure the shade of pink you get really is fuchsia not a more muted coral or rose pink as these will give your room a dated 80s look. Also in-trend are bright yellow and intense orange, as well as purple. Avoid blues, soft browns and grey – it’s all about bright, bright, bright this Summer.

Photographic Printed Wallpaper

Floral print wallpaper won’t work everywhere – imagine it in a bachelor pad? No us neither. But there’s another strong trend this season – photographic wallpaper. Often featuring classic photographic of iconic locations like New York, London and Las Vegas. Many of these wallcovering designs focus on movement – blurred New York taxi cabs or time lapse photos of the Vegas strip. When choosing these designs the best colours to look for are black and white designs with splashes of bright, bold colour. Yellow New York taxi cabs or postbox red London buses.

Whichever style you go for, you’ll end up with an eye catching look for sure.

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