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Wallrock Trend – Spruce

Wallrock Trend – Spruce design of textured wallpaper from Erfurt Mav is perfect for those of you who like to bring the essence of nature into the home. Spruce offers a natural bark design that will create a rustic, organic feel to your home.

Erfurt Mav’s Wallrock Trend range of lightly textured wallpapers, offer high quality as standard. Because they are made from the specially developed Wallrock, these wallpapers are scuff and wear resistant which means they will stay looking as new for many years to come.

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Wallrock Trend – Spot

The Wallrock Trend Spot textured wallpaper, is a minimalist spotty design that has a definite organic look. The very light texture means it can be used successfully on walls or ceilings anywhere in the home.

Wallrock Trend is a very high quality, paintable wallpaper, made from 100% Wallrock. It offers a multitude of benefits that you will not find in other wallpapers. These include its ability to resist wear and tear and the ease with which it can be hung – even by novice decorators.

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