Wallpapering Tools

Most people of heard of, or had, a wallpapering horror story when the wallpaper’s gotten stuck to itself, you’ve cut lengths the wrong size, not been able to match repeat patterns or had wallpaper peeling off the wall just after you’ve hung it. But despite the potential problems, it isn’t really that difficult if you have the right wallpapering tools to help you. Below is a guide to the four must have tools for putting up wallpaper.

1. Wallpaper Remover

First thing’s first when it comes to wallpapering. Make sure the old wallpaper is completely gone from the walls.  This can be easy to do or it might take a long time. It mainly depends on the type of wallpaper you’re removing and the type of adhesive you used. But a wallpaper remover will make the job easier either way. They are sometimes called wallpaper scrapers and are usually made from plastic.

2. Wallpaper Scissors

Whether you’re using plain or patterned paper, it’s really important when you cut wallpaper that it’s cut to exactly the right length. It’s advisable to use heavy duty, sharp scissors and not smaller stationary scissors or an old blunted pair of kitchen scissors. If you don’t have any that’ll do the job, it’s worth investing in a pair of wallpaper scissors.

3. Wallpaper Knife           

This is what you need to make sure you get a good, clean finish and can cut wallpaper lengths to the right size. Wallpaper knifes are available from most DIY stores but make sure you buy a good quality one with an ergonomic handle to make using accurately more easy and comfortable. Opt for more heavy duty options as lighter ones may have trouble getting through thicker, textured and vinyl wallpapers.

4. Wallpaper Brush         

The last of our essential tools is a wallpaper brush. These are soft bristled brushes that are designed to smooth out wallpaper when it’s on the wall by brushing trapped air out from under the wallpaper without damaging the paper. Again, it’s a good idea to get a decent quality brush that’s easy to hold and do small sweeping motions with. You also don’t want a cheap one that will shed its bristles and for them to end up stuck to the wall.

With these tools in your possession, you will be much more likely to end up with a finish you’ll be happy with.

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