Wallrock Cosy Liner KV300

Wallrock Cosy Liner KV300 – Great Solutions for Problem Surfaces

Wallrock Cosy Liner KV300

Wallrock Cosy Liner KV300 is part of the Wallrock Thermal Liner family and is made by Erfurt Mav.  It  offers a more economical package, while still providing many of the same benefits as Wallrock Thermal Liner.

A Great Solution for Problem Surfaces

At 1mm thick Wallrock Cosy Liner offers a more modest level of thermal and sound insulation.  Firstly, it provides some of the energy saving properties of Wallrock Thermal Liner. It is also great for covering up problem surfaces.  Secondly, it is ideal for cracked rendering, wood panelling, bare plasterboard or damaged and rough plaster at a fraction of the cost of Wallrock Thermal Liner. Thirdly, Wallrock Cosy Liner allows walls to breathe which minimises condensation.

Quick & Easy to Hang

In addition, Wallrock Cosy Liner is a Paste the Wall product so it is quick and easy to hang, even for beginners. For a completely flawless finish on your walls and ceilings, Go Wallpaper recommends using Wallrock Fibreliner, Wallrock Premium or Wallrock Fibreliner Plus over the top of Wallrock Cosy Liner Liner.

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