Wallrock Premium 200 - 75 Double

Wallrock Premium 200 – 75 Double Lining Paper

Wallrock Premium 200 – 75 Double Lining Paper is the perfect product if you want your walls to be super smooth. Wallrock Premium is the flattest, smoothest lining paper available in the UK and provides an excellent surface for paint. In addition to its super smooth finish, Wallrock Premium is also incredibly strong and hard wearing.

Wallrock Premium “75 Double” is an extra wide 75cm which allows you to cover more wall, faster. And the double length, 20 metre rolls, are more economical than their standard length counterparts.

Lets look at the benefits:

  • Super Smooth Surface
  • Scuff and Wear Resistant
  • Amazing Strength and Durability
  • Does Not Shrink or Expand
  • No Soaking Required
  • Suitable for Walls & Ceilings
  • Paintable
  • Paste the Wall or the Paper
  • Quick and Easy to Hang
  • Allows Walls to Breathe
  • Covers and Reinforces Damaged and Cracked Plaster
  • Contains No Fibre Glass or PVC
  • Dry Strippable
  • Fire rated (B) – Meets all UK and European Regulations
  • Environmentally Friendly Paper FSC Accredited

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