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Wallrock Fibreliner 150 – 55 Single Lining Paper

Wallrock Fibreliner 150 in “55 Single” size is the standard lining paper roll size at 55 cm wide and 10 metres long. While this is standard size, there is nothing standard about the quality and usability of Wallrock Fibreliner. Just take a look at the range of benefits that Fibreliner delivers below.

When you have large spaces to line, consider ordering from our stock of wider and longer rolls of Wallrock Fibreliner. These will save you on money and time and allow you to complete your job quickly and economically.

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Fibre Lining Paper: The Facts

Unless you’re a DIY nut, it’s hard to keep up with developments in tools to help with wall preparation, wall coverings and paint. There have been a number of new developments recently, like thermal lining paper, metallic and glitter wallpaper, eco-friendly paint and wallpaper and mould resistant paint. So lets take this opportunity to talk about one of the most popular new products on the market – fibre lining paper.

What’s Fibre Lining Paper?

Fibre Lining Paper, also known as fibreliner, is designed to be used on your walls to prepare them for wallpapering. Generally, they’re made from a wood pulp containing short fibres of wood that are compacted together to make a strong paper. When this is applied to the walls of your home, the lining paper helps to smooth the walls and will form a strong bond to wallpaper, keeping it in place.

Which Brands Produce Fibre Lining Paper?

One of the most popular brands that offer fibre lining paper is Wallrock Fibre Liner, also known as Wallrock Fibreliner. What’s particularly good about this is that it’s made from paper that has been sourced from sustainable forests, so it is an environmentally friendly product.

Wallrock Fibre Lining Paper is also resistant to peeling, which can be an issue with other lining papers. This is because, unlike most fibreliners which are made from short fibre wood pulp, Wallrock Fibre Liner is made from long fibre pulp, making it more flexible. So as walls move slightly, as they do in all homes, the lining paper moves with them without splitting or tearing. This makes using Wallrock Fibre Liner the financially sensible thing to do as it should stay in place for longer.

What Are Common Fibre Lining Paper Uses?

Fibre lining paper can be used on ceilings as well as most walls. It can be used in bedrooms, living rooms, dining rooms, studies and under wallpaper in the bathroom and kitchen as well. It’s quite durable so it can be used in high traffic areas like hallways and stairs too. Fibre liners can be used instead of thermal liners in homes where heat loss is not a special problem.

You might expect Wallrock Fibreliner to be more expensive given it’s increased durability and long lasting nature, but it’s actually very affordable and where you consider the need to repeat purchase and re-apply cheaper alternatives it’s actually very good value for money.

Five reasons to go with Wallrock Fibreliner

It’s not always easy to know what tools to choose for DIY. In the store there might be an array of similar products that are difficult to distinguish between. When it comes to lining paper, we think there’s a clear choice. So below we share the five main advantages of using Wallrock Fibreliner.

1. Made by a market leading home décor company

The first advantage of Wallrock Fibreliner is that it’s produced by Erfurt Mav, a leading home décor company who are known for developing innovative products aimed at both novice and professional decorators. They invest a significant amount of money in R&D to solve problems that people face when redecorating. Their Wallrock brand of lining paper.

2. Heavy duty

Stripping back wallpaper to find perfectly smooth walls is the stuff of fantasy but, unfortunately, rarely the reality. All walls have imperfections, which is why Wallrock Fibreliner 100 and other lining papers available from Wallrock are designed to be heavy duty enough to cover any cracks, dents or bubbles. The fibre lining paper range from Wallrock also reduces the ability of condensation to develop into mould, and is scuff and tear resistant so will last for a long time.

3. No expanding or shrinking on the wall

While other lining papers might grow and shrink during application, Wallrock Fibreliner has been designed so that it doesn’t expand when paste is applied to it, it holds its position so you can get a perfect finish.

4. Choice

Unlike other brands of lining paper, the Wallrock Fibreliner range is available in two sizes – single and double length – as well as in three widths. So you will always be able to find the option that suits your needs.

5. Convenience

All you need to hang Wallrock Fibreliner to the wall is adhesive, so there’s no need to buy any additional tools or products. You can paste the fibre liner paper or at walls, whichever is most convenient.

With these, and other, advantages, Wallrock Fibreliner is the right choice when it comes to lining paper.